10 dolog, amit nem tudhattál Albert Einsteinről

10 dolog, amit nem tudhattál Albert Einsteinről

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10 érdekesség Einsteinről ... természetesen feladattá alakítva. 

10 Things You Didn't Know About Albert Einstein

Are these statement true, false or not in the text?

10 Things You Didn't Know About Albert Einstein

Here are 10 interesting facts about Albert Einstein.

Guess who: He was ridiculously smart, had crazy hair, and a knack for super-complicated science.

If you said Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, you're wrong, because that's two people.

The right answer is Albert Einstein.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the man.

Number 10. He was a ladies man. Einstein was married twice and in letters written over the years admitted to having 6 mistresses.

Number 9. Einstein died after refusing surgery. The physicist suffered an abdominal aneurysm in April of 1955. He was rushed to University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, but declined a potentially life-saving surgery. He said, "It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly." He passed away a day later.

Number 8. He took the time to respond to a child's letter. It wasn't an easy topic, either. The girl asked on behalf of her Sunday school class if scientists prayed. Einstein's well-penned response was truthful while simultaneously being respectful of religious belief systems.

Number 7. Einstein had a contract with his first wife. In addition to cleaning, laundry and cooking requirements, it excused him from all unnecessary social interaction. Silence upon demand was also a stipulation of their marriage -- hers not his. He vowed to just leave her alone in general. Notably, it was drawn up after their marriage had gone south anyway.

Number 6. Einstein may have had illegitimate children. Historians and possible progeny have come forward to attest to such, but solid proof has always remained elusive.

Number 5. He's among the top earning dead celebrities. Einstein is listed at number 8, coming in just after John Lennon and one step ahead of Bettie Page.

Number 4. J. Edgar Hoover wanted to kick him out of the US. Einstein's political views, which gravitated towards pacifism and socialism, prompted some to distrust him. Hoover thought the scientist was a spy and for years ordered agents to tap the man's phone, rifle through his trash, and even open his mail.

Number 3. Einstein turned down an offer to be President of Israel. The year was 1952, and the newly established nation was searching for a 2nd president. Though he declined, Einstein said that he was 'deeply moved' by the invitation.

Number 2. He preferred visualization over experimentation. When it came to forming his game-changing ideas, he would first imagine how his theories would play out, mathematical equations and all.

Number 1. He had a huge brain. Literally. Well, at least the corpus callosum part, which, when you're in the genius business, is key. It's the neural network that allows for all parts of the brain to connect and work in harmony.


guess who

találd ki, ki az





to have a knack for something

érzéke van valamihez, jó valamiben

ladies man

a nők kedvence

to admit to




to refuse

visszautasítani, nem beleegyezni



abdominal aneurysm

hasi aneurizma

to be rushed

sürgősen vinni, szállítani

to decline


life-saving surgery

életmentő sebészeti beavatkozás

to prolong life

életet meghosszabbítani



I have done my share

megtettem a magamét (az életben)

to pass away


on behalf of

valakinek a nevében, megbízásából



to excuse




upon demand

kérésre, igény esetén


kikötés, feltétel

to vow

megesküdni, megfogadni

to go south

kudarcot vallani

illegitimate children

törvénytelen gyerekek


leszármazott, utód

to attest to


solid proof

szilárd bizonyíték



to gravitate towards

hajlani valami felé

to distrust

nem bízni valakiben



to tap somebody’s phone

lehallgatni valaki telefonját

to rifle through

átfésülni, átkutatni

to turn down




mathematical equations

matematikai levezetés

neural network


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