10 Things Swedes Are Great At

10 Things Swedes Are Great At

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10 dolog, amit a svédek nagyon tudnak :) - videós-szövegel feladat a skandinávokról 

10 Things Swedes Are Great At

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10 Things Swedes Are Great At

Here are 10 things Swedes do better than Americans.

Swedenhas given the world a lot to be happy about, from Absolut vodka to the supergroup Abba, but they’re also at the forefront of more serious matters, like the environment, industry, and the business of living. Here are 10 things Swedes do better than most, particularly Americans.

Number 10. Recycle. Of all of the trash the nation’s 9 and a half million or so citizens produce, only 1 percent of it winds up indumps. The rest of it is recycled in various ways for a number of purposes, among which is the production of energy.

Number 9. Stand in line. Swedes are able to, and quite often do, wait in one without pushing, cutting, or trying to sneak around it. Thanks to a variety of highly developed take-a-number systems, they can also do it without giving any indication that they’re queued up at all.

Number 8. Balance work and life. According to the most recent report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the people of Sweden are among the best in the world when it comes to divvying up their time in a way that’s most personally satisfying.

Number 7. Glassblowing. In southern Sweden is a place known as the Kingdom of Crystal, which is home to Orrefors and Kosta Boda as well as about a dozen other makers. The area also draws a lot of tourists as it offers boutiques, galleries and outlet stores as well as the opportunity to enjoy a drink at a bar made entirely of glass.

Number 6.  Live longer for less. According to 2011 figures released by the OECD, the average life expectancy in Sweden is just under 82 years, which makes them the world’s 8th most enduring humans. The nation’s per capital health expenditure is about 4 thousand dollars.

Number 5. High style, low prices. IKEA, which has become synonymous with well-priced, stylish home goods, has expanded greatly over the years and is now world’s number 1 furniture store. H&M, which has done for fashion what IKEA has for décor, is the planet’s 2nd largest apparel retailer.

Number 4. Parental Leave. Not only does Sweden offer a generous paid duration of it, the perk is gender-neutral, meaning fathers can spend time with their newborns, too, without sacrificing much income.

Number 3. Happiness. Sweden is the world’s 5th most joy-filled country, based on the United Nations’ World Happiness Report 2013. The rankings were determined based on how residents feel about their lives overall, not just their mood at the moment.

Number 2. Treating the elderly well. Swedes came in first place in the UN’s Global AgeWatch Index. Factors considered included health provisions, income, and environment.

Number 1. Sustainability. The Nordic nation gets top marks in this category as well, earning the distinction of being the ‘most sustainable country in the world’ according to a 2013 report by a Swiss investment group. Among the strengths that secured it the highest spot are a commitment to renewable energy sources and notably low CO2 emissions.

What do you think Sweden does best?


to be at the forefront

valaminek az élvonalában lenni

to wind up




to push


to cut

sorban más elé bevágni

to sneak around

megkerülni (csellel)

to divvy

felosztani, szétosztani



life expectancy

várható élettartam


kitartó, sokáig életben maradó


kiadás, ráfordítás

to expand

kibővülni, kiterjedni


ruházat, öltözék



parental leave

gyermekgondozási szabadság, gyes


bőkezű, nagylelkű




juttatás, mellékjövedelem


nemtől független



to sacrifice





egészében véve






megkülönböztető jegy, vonás





renewable energy sources

megújuló energiaforrások



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