David Attenborough on Pokémon Go

David Attenborough on Pokémon Go

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A híres természettudós és a Pokémonok :) 

Hello. I’m Sir David Attenborough. For those of you who don’t know I’m an award winning journalist, broadcaster and naturalist. But enough about me. I’m sure that many of you are aware of a small game called Pokémon Go. But what is all the fuss about?

Well, being an expert on all things of nature let me try to explain it to you. So what exactly are Pokémon? Well, Pokémon are a group of creatures and there are many varieties of these astounding creatures. A lot of them. All Pokémon are considered to be wild until they’re caught and it is the task of the trainer to catch them all and train them.

So how many varieties of Pokémon are there exactly? Well, there’re roughly 17 known types. Namely bug Pokémon, dark Pokémon, fire Pokémon, flying Pokémon, ghost Pokémon, grass Pokémon, dragon Pokémon, electric Pokémon, fighting Pokémon, ground Pokémon, ice Pokémon, normal Pokémon, poison Pokémon, psychic Pokémon, rock Pokémon, steel Pokémon, water Pokémon and fairy Pokémon. And some can be a combination of two types.

So then what is Pokémon Go? Well apparently it’s the greatest thing to happen to the world since the invention of two-ply toilet paper. You go to your app store, no not physically, you donkey, you then download the Pokémon Go app and slowly forget about your family friends and job, but hey what good are those when you can catch a Psyduck and have a Diglett in your pants, right? You are a Pokémon trainer and you have to literally walk around the city and catch Pokémon. Not real Pokémon but Pokémon inside your phone unless you believe that Pokémon are real in which case the game is perfect for you. One by one you rack up the miles and Pokémon along the way. So I guess the good side is you are getting some exercise unless you tie your phone to your dog and wait a few hours for some egg to hatch. Slowly but surely you catch more and more of these creatures and lose more and more of your friends. Once you have a few of these Pokémon you can go to Pokémon gyms not to be confused with the actual gyms. So don’t rock up at Planet Fitness asking to battle the nearest trainer because you might lose more than your Pokémon and you might gain a broken bone or several. You train your Pokémon at these gyms and battle other Pokémon until your Pokémon are ready to evolve. Yes, they do get bigger, better and stronger while you yourself get weaker in the real world. So if you see children and adults alike aimlessly walking around the streets peering at their phones, just know that they’re trying to catch them all and it’s probably best to leave them alone. I hear they bite. I am David Attenborough, and have a good day.  

How much do you know about David Attenborough? Can you fill in the gaps in the sentences with the given words?

passed away, Planet Earth, Jurassic Park, fossils,  married, naturalist, Queen Elizabeth, actor

Legendary ...... (1) and nature documentary producer who created the documentaries ...... (2 )and The Life of Birds, among many others.

He was an avid collector of ...... (3), stones, and other natural specimens as a child.

In 2005, he was awarded the Order of Merit (OM) by ...... (4).

He ...... (5) Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel in 1950 and together they had two children before she ...... (6) in 1997.

His brother Richard was an ......(7) and played a character similar to him in Steven Spielberg's ...... (8).


1. naturalist

2. Planet Earth

3. fossils

4. Queen Elizabeth

5. married

6. passed away

7. actor

8. Jurassic Park


award winning




to be aware of







megdöbbentő, lenyűgöző
















szó szerint

to rack up


to tie

kötni, felkötni

to hatch


to be confused with

összekeverni valamivel

to battle





cél nélkül

to peer at

bámulni valamit

to leave sy alone

békén hagyni valakit

to bite


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