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Egészséges étkezés - videós szövegértés

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Mi a távol-keletiek egészségének titka?

Healthy eating

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1. Only 10% of Japan’s population is obese.
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3 Healthy Eating Habits We Can Learn From Asian Countries

Here are three eating habits from Asia that might be beneficial to adopt.

In Asian countries like Japan, less than 5 percent of adults are obese; yet in the U.S., a whopping third are obese. While many reasons may influence these statistics, here are three eating habits from across the globe that might be beneficial to adopt, according to

Number 3 -- Japan gets big points for presentation. Nutritious and vibrantly coloured food such as fish and vegetables are arranged specifically to be visually stimulating to the appetite. The meal becomes elevated to a culinary experience. Since portions are on the smaller side, there's no temptation to overeat.

Number 2 -- China shows slow and steady wins the race. Using chopsticks slows down eating so that the body has a chance to recognize when it's getting full and people generally eat much less. A recent study showed that people who gulped down their food quickly had much higher chances of being obese or having heart disease.

Number 1 -- India's stylish flavour profiles include lots of spice. A wide variety of herbs and spices are used to enhance the flavour and colour food as well as promote health. For example, turmeric and ginger can lower cholesterol while garlic and onion can lower heart disease.

source: Geobeats

beneficial – jótékony hatású
whopping - óriási
nutritious - tápláló
to be elevated – felemelni
culinary experience – kulináris élmény
on the smaller side - kisebbfajta
to overeat – túl sokat enni
Slow and steady wins the race. – Lassan, de biztosan. (közmondás)
chopsticks - evőpálcika
to gulp down – habzsolni
to enhance - fokozni
turmeric - kurkuma

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