Friss pizzát az élményautomatából!


... és természetesen olasz a feltalálója!

Invented by entrepreneur Claudio Torghele, Let’s Pizza machines were initially designed and manufactured in Northern Italy. Customers choose between up to four kinds of pies, and watch through windows as the machine adds water to flour, kneads the dough, layers on the sauce, assembles the toppings, and bakes the pizza in an infrared oven in just 2.5 minutes. There are fun windows so customers can watch their pies being made. It can produce 90 to 100 pizzas before it needs to be refilled.

In a piece for The Gate, writer W. Andrew Powell (who shot the video above) said, "In all my travels, I have never seen anything like it. … While it’s silly and not exactly the best pizza you’ll ever eat, it’s still amazing, and kind of fun." But it still has to be better than the slices sold for $1 at some NYC pizza joints.

The machines are available in Italy and the UK, and, according to a 2012 interview with A1 Concepts’  CEO Ronald Rammers, they may soon be making their way to the United States.


vending machine – valamit árusító automata
entrepreneur – vállalkozó
initially – eredetileg
to manufacture – gyártani
up to four kinds of – akár négyféle
to knead the dough – meggyúrni a tésztát
to layer – rétegezni, rétegben lerakni
to assemble – összeállítani
topping – feltét
to refill – feltölteni
to be available – kapható, elérhető
CEO = chief executive officer – vezérigazgató

Fill in the gaps with the words in the table. There is one extra.

to refill




vending machine

to assemble

1. Her father is a successful ……………….. .

2. Unfortunately, this book is not ……………….. at the moment.

3. Let’s have some coffee. They’ve just ……………….. the machine.

4. Is there a ……………….. near here? I need some subway tickets.

5. Tim helped me ……………….. the new bookcase.

answers: 1-entrepreneur 2-available 3-refilled 4- vending machine 5-assemble

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