Gwyneth Paltrow in hilarious toddler dance class with James Corden

Gwyneth Paltrow in hilarious toddler dance class with James Corden

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Gwyneth totyogósok koreográfiájára táncol: videó szöveggel, szószedettel és interaktív feladattal.

Gwyneth Paltrow joined James Corden for a class in 'Toddlerography' during a skit on The Late Late Show on Tuesday.

The intense session was taught by a few of the craft's finest; the three and under crowd. During the skit's opening, the duo are seen in workout gear, stretching and prepping for what's to come. Funnyman James layered a white T-shirt and blue top underneath a green hoodie, finishing off his look with a pair of athletic shorts, black socks, and trainers. Ahead of his intense workout, James made sure to wear a head and armband. Gwyneth, 43, showed off her fit figure in a black tank top and matching leggings. The mother-of-two added a pair of trainers and headband just like her counterpart.

Gwyneth and James were feigning nerves, exchanging conversation about the 'intense' class they were so fortunate to be a part of. 'So glad we got into this dance class,' said 37-year-old James. 'It's impossible to get in to. It's supposed to be really intense also,' noted Gwyneth. 'I heard they make Beyonce cry!' the show host noted.

The two are on edge as soon as they hear a pounding of footsteps, which just so happen to belong to a tiny tot. As the skit continues, the duo follow closely to the "instruction" of their multiple dance teachers. From running up against walls to ballet movements, twirls and jumps, James and Gwyneth were in for an intense workout. There was also body rolls, thigh raises and complicated twists and turns.

'That was intense,' noted James. 'I need to hydrate.' The scene cuts to the two on the floor, joined by both their first dance instructor and a juice box. 'That was amazing. Thank you so much. Can you fit us in next week?' he asked the adorably pig-tailed girl. She then nods a simple 'yes.'




nagyon vicces





a few of the craft's finest

a szakma legjobbjai közül néhány

three and under

három év alatti


nyitás, kezdés

workout gear


to stretch


to prep for

készülni valamire

to layer

rétegezni (itt ruhát)


kapucnis pulcsi

to show off

büszkélkedni valamivel

tank top

ujjatlan, pántos póló



to feign nerves

idegességet színlelni

to note


to be on edge

ideges, izgatott

a pounding of footsteps

lépések zaja, döngése

tiny tot

apró gyerek



thigh raise


juice box

szívószálas gyümölcslé

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