History of Roller Coasters

Diane Winans történész elmeséli nekünk, hogy mit kell tudnunk az első hullámvasutakról!

“Do you know that the roller coaster as we know it now, is truly an evolutionary thing. It was originally an ice slide and even though we don’t think of it as doing the luge, at one time in Eastern Europe, that’s what they did. Is they had the slides that went up and down the hills and they were packed with ice and that’s how they had all the daring and exciting ride that you get with the roller coaster. It’s the exhilaration and the feel of the speed that people like and then once it went to France and some other places that were in Southern Europe and didn’t have so much ice and snow, someone had to come up with a way of making a rail for this inclined plane with a car and then it became the roller coaster and now with the history of Coney Island and the United States and many other places, the thing that amusement parks is know for is it’s roller coaster. Often times roller coasters were made of the wood base. Many times there made with steel. Now they get into the loop the loop kind of things and they go for going backwards as well as forwards. There is a very, very big following for roller coasters. Often times, people are a parts of clubs that keep track of which roller coasters they have ridden on and which ones are the most famous and how many roller coasters a certain amusement park has is often a big draw for the tourists.”

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