Ki szeretne Hugh Granttel piknikezni?

Ki szeretne Hugh Granttel piknikezni Notting Hill-ben?

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Na, itt a lehetőség - figyelj csak! Az idén 20 éves "Sztárom a párom" című filmet átélheted te is a Hugh Grant segítségével. 

Hugh Grant fans being offered chance to win picnic with actor in Notting Hill

Broadcaster Emma Freud - wife of writer-director Richard Curtis - announced the Omaze-sponsored competition on social media which is running in line with Red Nose Day USA.

The winner will be flown to London to meet Curtis, who wrote the 1999 romantic comedy, with whom they'll tour the film's famous sites including Portobello Road Market and William Thacker's bookshop before lunching with Grant himself for a picnic in the film's titular location. To top it off, the lucky winner will stay at The Ritz the very hotel where Anna Scott - played by Julia Roberts - stays in the film.

Annual fundraiserRed Nose Day USA will take place on 24 May. Last year's UK event saw Curtis and Freud unveil their mini-sequel to Love Actually - titled Red Nose Day Actually - which saw the film's cast reprise their roles for the first time since 2003. It was later shown in the US with an additional scene featuring Laura Linney's character.

You can enter the competition here: PICNIC WITH HUGH GRANT

If you win, you (and your friend) will:

- Visit the sites from Notting Hill with writer Richard Curtis, including the bookshop and famous blue door

- Have a picnic with THE William Thacker, aka Hugh Grant, in the park from the movie

- Stay in The Ritz Hotel, enjoy a full English breakfast and be treated to a 3-course dinner in their Michelin-starred restaurant

- Get flown out to London and put up in The Ritz

- Who you will help with your donation:

Red Nose Day USA drives positive change through the power of entertainment. It’s about making it fun to come together to raise money and awareness for children who need our help the most, in America and around the world. Red Nose Day USA’s mission is to end child poverty—one nose at a time. Red Nose Day USA launched in America in 2015 and has raised over $100 million in its first three years in the US. Funds raised support programs that ensure children who are living in poverty are safe, healthy and educated. Red Nose Day started in the UK in 1988 and has raised over $1 billion globally.


to be offered something

valakinek fel van ajánlva valami

to announce




in line with

összhangban valamivel

to be flown

elrepítve lenni



to top it off

mindennek tetejébe




alapítványi pénzgyűjtő szervezet

to reprise one’s role

újra felveszi a szerepét



to feature



szórakoztatás, szórakoztató

to come together

összejönni, összegyűlni

to raise money

pénzt gyűjteni (valamilyen jótékony célra)

to raise awareness

felhívni a figyelmet valamire



to support


to ensure

biztosítani, lehtővé tenni



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