Rém Rendes Család

Rém Rendes Család

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Vicces jelenet a Rém Rendes családból (Married with children) angol feliratokkal.

Kelly:Mom, you know what I’m thinking?
Peggy: That we should go upstairs and split up Marcy’s shoes?
Kelly: No. I was just wondering what I was thinking but I forgot.

Bud:Hi, Dad! This is Petal.
Petal: It’s part of a flower.
Bud: Isn’t she great? I met her at quantum physics. Hold my calls.
Al: There never are any, son.
Bud: Never mind that now, Dad. See you tomorrow.
Al: Hey, young Lady! You do realize that that’s my son’s bedroom you’re going to?
Petal: Yes.

Petal:Hey! Nice shoes!
Bud: Dad, don’t!

Kelly: Come on, Bud! Get over it! What is one girl in the grand scheme of your life? Just your only chance! Oh, come on! You’re not a lonely mess! I myself have never had a woman, and I’m fine. And neither has mom.
Peggy: … and lately, neither has your father!

upstairs - fel, fent (emeleten)
to split up - hasogat, szétszaggat
to wonder - elmélkedik
quantum physics - kvantum fizika
to hold a call - tartani a telefonhívást
to realize - rájön, felismer
to get over sth - túlteszi magát vmin, túljut vmin
grand - nagy, előkelő
scheme - terv, elrendezés, cselszövés
chance - esély
lonely - magányos
mess - zűrzavar, rendetlenség
lately - utóbbi időben
neither ... - ...sem

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