The Golden Girl is 99! – videó és szókincs

Gáspár Moncsi | 2021. 01. 22.

Betty White, amerikai színésznő és komika, a 99. születésnapjára kapta Ryan Reynolds-tól ezt a mókás videót. Rengeteg humorforrást és néhány érdekes kifejezést tanulhattok belőle.

Ryan Reynolds reignited his feud with Betty White but in tribute to the Golden Girl who celebrated her 99th birthday on 17th January. To commemorate her special day, Ryan posted these funny moments to his Instagram stories.

Ryan captioned the video as: ’We made this 12 years ago. Betty turns 99 today. But she is 100% the funniest person on the planet.’

Ryan and Betty co-starred in the 2009 rom-com, ’The Proposal’ and they filmed this hilarious sketch:

Ryan: Betty, how are you?
Betty: Uh, Brian…
Ryan: Ryan. My name’s Ryan.
Betty: Get me a cup of coffee!
Ryan: You know, my name’s Ryan. We’ve been working together for weeks, months, actually.
Betty: Dan, you’ve been a terrible assistant the whole time. When Betty White says she wants a coffee, you get her XXX cup of coffee.
Ryan: I’m gonna tell you exactly how it is. Okay. You seem like an adorable sweet old lady outside but on the inside? On the inside, you’re like this, this, this seething demon!’

Ryan recalls that there’s another version of this sketch where Betty is much nastier. He thinks that Betty is a one-of-a-kind person, she’s incredibly funny and she has an ability to work blue humor that people just never expect from a woman of her age.

We can experience this character trait of hers in The Proposal Bloopers – extended Gag Reel (2009) when Ryan tells her: ’more time and Betty gets it’ (pointing towards his groins accidentally) and Betty replies: ’I haven’t had it for so long!’ almost immediately!

But how did this national treasure spend her 99th birthday?
As her daily running a mile has been curtailed by COVID and she can’t have visitors either, she fed the two ducks who come to visit her every day. But she is smiling and still have a brilliant sense of humor!

source (video and pictures): Ryan Reynolds Reignites ‘Feud’ With Betty White in HILARIOUS Throwback Video for Her Birthday, Entertainment Tonight, Youtube

Összegyűjtöttünk néhány kifejezést a másik mókás átvágásáról és saját magunk bolonddá tételéről. Egészítsétek ki a mondatokat velük.


  1. Don’t _________ me when my Mom is here because she has no sense of humor at all!
  2. That handsome man managed to ________ some women into believing that he was a successful film star.
  3. Betty has such wit that she can _______her colleagues’ _____________ during film shootings.
  4. Bridget had been told that this would be a fancy-dress party. So she dressed up as a sexy bunny and _____________ herself.
  5. Is this red Ferrari your car or are you just ____________?
  6. My son is always getting into trouble for ___________ during language lessons.
  7. I always have a new plan to _______________ my husband on 1st April.

keys/megoldások: 1. tease; 2. fool; 3. tickle her colleagues’ funny bone; 4. made a fool of; 5. pulling my leg; 6. fooling around; 7. play a trick on

to reignite újra meggyújtani/
újra szítani
feud with viszály valakivel
in tribute to tisztelegve
Golden Girl/Boy népszerű és sikeres ember, akit
mindenki kedvel
adorable imádnivaló
seething fortyogó
blue humor sikamlósság/
malackodás (szóban)
character trait jellemvonás
groins ágyék
to curtail megfosztani valamitől
to pull one’s leg ugratni valakit
to fool around bolondozni
to play a trick on sy megtréfálni valakit
to make a fool of sy bolonddá tenni valakit
to tickle one’s funny bone nevettetni valakit
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