3rd Rock From The Sun – Practical Jokes

3rd Rock From The Sun – Practical Jokes

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Jöjjön egy jelenet a 3rd rock from the Sun sorozatból! 

3rd Rock From The Sun – Practical Jokes

Watch the scene once again and decide if the following statements are true, false or not stated in the scene.

3rd Rock From The Sun – Practical Jokes

Nina: Dr. Solomon, come on, enough with the practical jokes.
Dick: But, Nina, there's nothing practical about this joke. It's an utterly pointless, hurtful, and asinine waste of time.
Delivery Guy: You sure you don't want this furniture?

Dick: Absolutely not. As a student of the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, I can assure you that the spiritual harmony of this room was upset by having that bitch sitting there.

Dick: Mary.
Mary: Dick.
Dick: Your desk was gone when I got here.
Mary: I believe you.
Dick: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It was me! I had them take away your desk! Me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Mary: This has got to stop.
Dick: Oh, you just want to quit 'cause you can't win. Oh, my poor defeated Mary. You're just outmatched, that's all. But it takes a big woman to admit that. And just to show there are no hard feelings, I'm going to-- my arm is stuck. That's strange. So is this one. It's almost as if there was glue on my desk.
Mary: Dick, don't be ridiculous. It couldn't be glue. It must be thermal bond epoxy.
Dick: No! Uhhhh! Uhh! Ohh!

Mary: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dick: Mistake. Huge mistake.


utterly pointless

teljesen értelmetlen




ostoba, szamár

to assure


to quit

feladni, abbahagyni

to be defeated

legyőzve lenni

to outmatch

legyőzni valakit, erősebbnek bizonyulni vkinél

to admit

beismerni, bevallani





thermal bond epoxy

nagyon erős ipari ragasztó



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