European Vacation: Hotel check-in scene

Szalai Nóri | 2018. 06. 14.

Jöjjön most gyerekkorunk kedvenc vígjátékából, az Európai vakációból a hotel bejelentkezéses jelenet! 

Taxi driver: The Royal Imperial Windsor Hotel. Want me to give you a hand with that?

Clark: If you could just get that stuff in… Carry that. I’ll get the luggage out. Rusty, we could use your help. I can get these bags.

Taxi driver: Sure I can’t help?

Clark: Ellen, do you have any money? Would you pay?

Ellen: No problem.

Camembert cheese is also produced on a large scalemoulded by the thousands in giant factories.

Clark: Hello! Top of the evening. I’m Clark Griswaldfrom the United States of America.I believe we have reservations for four.

Hotel owner: No, you’re scuppered, mate.The place is full of macaroons.I could get on the dog andblow to my mate in Whitechapel.

Rusty: Dad, he’s speaking English.

Clark: I know.

Ellen: This is from the Pig in a Poke show.They said there’d be rooms for four and a rental car waiting for us.We’re the grand prize winners.Oink, oink! We’ll be pigs!

Hotel owner: Oh, the Yanks. Follow me.

Clark: Is there anybody to help with the luggage?

Hotel owner: Mum!

Clark: Kids, help me out. No, please sit.

Can you find the synonyms of the following words?

1. baggage

a. to help

2. to give a hand

b. companion

3. giant

c. luggage

4. mate

d. suitcase

5. bag

e. enormous


1. c.

2. a.

3. e.

4. b.

5. d.


to give somebody a hand

segíteni valakinek


holmi, cucc


poggyász, csomag

to produce

termelni, előállítani

on a large scale


to mould

önteni, formálni





to be scuppered

bajban lenni

rental car

bérelt autó

grand prize winner

főnyeremény nyertese

oink, oink


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