Anne of Green Gables: Gilbert Rescues Anne

Anne of Green Gables: Gilbert Rescues Anne

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Gilbert kimenti Anne-t a tóból - filmrészlet szószedettel és feladattal. 

Anne of Green Gables: Gilbert Rescues Anne

GILBERT: Anne Shirley. What in heck are you doing?

ANNE: Fishing for lake trout.

GILBERT: For lake trout?

ANNE: Well, if you must know, I was in Diana's skiff but it sprang a leak and I had to climb onto the piling or sink. Now, if you'd be so kind as to row me to the landing.

GILBERT: Ah, I see. Well, then the fact is I rescued you.

ANNE: Help was on the way and I was calmly waiting for it.

GILBERT: You're most welcome.

ANNE: I am grateful for your assistance, Mr. Blythe, even though it was not required. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find my friends. They are likely overcome with fear for my life.

GILBERT: Well, Anne, wait. Wait a minute. I was just down at the post office to see if the Queens results had been printed.

ANNE: Congratulations on coming first, Gilbert. I'm sure you're very proud of your achievements.

GILBERT: Wait a second, you ninny. We tied for first place. You and I. I figured you'd have it for sure. We all passed – our entire class.

ANNE: First of all two hundred?

GILBERT: I'm sorry you had to share it with me.

ANNE: I never expected to beat you.

GILBERT: Can't we be friends now? This childishness has gone on long enough, don't you think?

ANNE: The fact that you rescued me unnecessarily hardly wipes out past wrongs.

GILBERT: Look, I'm sorry I ever said anything about your hair. You have no idea how sorry. But it was so long ago. Aren't you ever going to forgive me?

ANNE: You hurt my feelings excruciatingly.

GILBERT: I only said it because I – Because I wanted to meet you so much.

ANNE: Why did you turn your back on me at the Christmas ball?

GILBERT: Anne, that was over a year ago.

ANNE: It was a deliberate humiliation.

GILBERT: And I knew exactly what you were thinking, too, Anne Shirley. You and Diana Barry. Look, can we be friends now?

ANNE: Why don't you figure it out, if you're so clever.

GILBERT: Anne, wait a minute.

ANNE: Everyone will think I've drowned.


What in heck are you doing?

Mégis mi az ördögöt csinálsz?

lake trout



könnyű csónak

to spring a leak

léket kapni



to sink


if you'd be so kind as to…

ha lennél olyan szíves és…

to rescue


Help was on the way

a segítség úton volt

grateful for

hálás valamiért

even though


to be overcome with something

hatalmába keríti valami

to come first

elsőnek lenni




butus, tökfej

to tie for first place

megosztott első helyet elérni

to pass

átmenni (vizsgán)

to beat


hardly wipes out past wrongs

aligha teszi jóvá a múlt hibáit





deliberate humiliation

szándékos megalázás

to drown


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