Downton Abbey First Scene plus The Story of the Titanic


Jöjjön egy igazi brit sorozat és egy kis történelem - természetesen lecke formájában. 

– Oh, my God! That’s impossible.

– I’ll take it up there now.

– Don’t be stupid.

– None of them will be up for hours, and what difference will it make? Jimmy’ll do it when he comes in.

April 1912

– Six o’clock! Thank you, Daisy

– Anna? Just for once in my life, I’d like to sleep until I woke up natural.

– Is your fire still in? – Yes, Mrs.Patmore.

– Ooh, my, will wonders never cease? – Have you laid the servants’ hall breakfast? – Yes, Mrs.Patmore.

– And finished blacking that stove? – Yes, Mrs.Patmore.

– What about the bedroom fires? – All lit, Mrs.Patmore.

– Right, well, take the things and start on the fires on the ground floor! Now hurry up.

– Any sign of William? – No.

– Where have you been? – I’m not late, am I? You’re late when I say you’re late.

– Daisy? Whatever are you doing there, crouching in the dark? I didn’t like to touch the curtains with my dirty hands.

– Quite right too.

– Why didn’t you put the lights on? – I daren’t.

– Why? The electricity. It’s not the devil’s handiwork.

– You’ll have to get used to it earlier or later.

– At Skelton Park, they’ve even got it in the kitchens.

 – What for? – Breakfast is ready, Mr.Carson.

– Ah, William.

– Any papers yet? – They’re late.

– They certainly are.

– Get the board out, so you can do them as soon as they’re here.

– Is the library tidy?

– Yes, Mrs.Hughes.

– Good.

– I want the dining room given a proper going-over today.

– You can do it when they’ve finished their breakfast.

– Oh, heavens, girl! You’re building a fire, not inventing it! How many have you done? This is my last till they come downstairs.

– Very well.

– Now get back down to the kitchens before anyone sees you.

– And they’re off.

– No rest for the wicked.

– Lady Mary.

– Are the tea trays ready? All ready, Mrs.Patmore if the water’s boiled.

– Could you give us a hand? – I’ve got her Ladyship’s to carry.

– I’ll help.

– Back door.

– The papers.

– At lastWilliam. – You’re late! – I know, but – But what? – You’ll see.

– Do the Times first.

– He only reads that at breakfast.

– And the Sketch for her Ladyship.

– You can manage the others later.

– Why are their papers ironed? What’s it to you? To dry the ink, silly.

– We wouldn’t want his Lordship’s hands to be as black as yours.

– Mr.Carson! I think you ought to see this.

– I can’t make myself believe it.

– Me neither.

– His Lordship’s dressed.

– William! Will you stop talking and take this kedgeree up? – And mind the burners are still lit.

– Yes, Mrs.Patmore.

– Is it really true? – Afraid so.

– Nothing in life is sure.

– Good morning, Carson.

– Good morning, my Lord.

– Is it true what they say? – I believe so, my Lord.

– I’m afraid we’ll know some people on it.

– I don’t suppose there are any lists of survivors yet? I understand most of the ladies were taken off in time.

– You mean the ladies in first class? God help the poor devils below decks.

– On their way to a better life.

– What a tragedy.

– When Anna told me, I thought she must have dreamt it.

Do you know  what happened in April 1912?

The script of the video refers to the sinking of the Titanic. Read the brief summary of the story.

The Titanic was the grandest ship of her time. She was majestic, lavishly decorated and considered unsinkable. It was divided into social classes according to background, wealth and education. The bottom two layers were for manual workers and third-class passengers who were hoping to start a new life in America. The second-class layer included teachers, merchants and professionals. The top layer was reserved for the rich and aristocracy.

Although it took five years to build, the Titanic had a very short career. She set off on April 10, 1912 from Southampton, England, but never made it to her destination of New York City – she struck an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland shortly before midnight on April 14, 1912. As the ship began to fill with water, people scrambled to get in the lifeboats, but crew members decided that women and children would board first. Although each lifeboat could carry 65 passengers, some of them carried as little as 12. By the time the last lifeboat left, there were more than 1,500 passengers still on board the sinking ship. At 2:20AM on April 15th, people in the lifeboats watched in horror as the “unsinkable” Titanic went down, killing 1,523 passengers. The Carpathia, which had picked up the Titanic’s distress signals, reached the site at 3:30AM to rescue 705 survivors.

On September 1, 1985, a joint French-American expedition led by Dr. Robert Ballard discovered the wreck of the Titanic. It was found lying upright in two pieces on the ocean floor at a depth of about 13,000 feet.


to wake up natural

magától felébredni

to cease

megszűnni, elmúlni



to light, lit, lit


to crouch


It's not the devil's handiwork.

Nem az ördögtől való.

a proper going-over

alapos takarítás

to invent






to boil


to give sy a hand


at last



étel, ami főleg halból, rizsből és kemény tojásból áll



poor devils

szegény ördögök

below decks

a fedélközben









manual workers

fizikai munkások







to go down


to rescue




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