Earthquake Safety Guide


A következő videóból megtanulhatod, hogy mit kell tenni földrengés esetén! 

"You know a natural disaster can be a pretty scary event when they occur. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what I want to talk about and discuss is what actions can be taken when a earthquake happens to strike as a natural disaster. If you’re inside of a building, find a sturdy area, like under a table, or something sturdy to get over your head, like a doorway. Get in the opening, duck and cover and cover your head and neck with your arms. By placing your hands and arms up over the head. If you are in a high rise building move towards an interior wall and duck and cover taking the same type of measure of placing the hands and arms up over the head. If you are in and open area, stay in an open area moving away from trees, signs, power lines or anything in the open area that could come down or collapse or fall when an earthquake strikes. If you’re inside of a building, stay away from shelving or any type of stock or material that’s located or mounted near a wall that can topple and fall over. Do not try to run for the door to get outside for an open area. It may take too much time and you may not make it before a collapse occurs. Duck and cover in a secure as area as possible. Preferably in a doorway where there’s cover. And cover the head and the neck with the arms and the hands. If you are driving in a vehicle along side the road, pull over and stay in your vehicle away from power lines and signs as possible until the shaking subsides. Stay safe. I’m Captain Joe Bruni and we’ll see you next time."

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