ER – Carol and Doug


Doug szerelmet vall Carolnak - videó szószedettel és feladattal

DOUG: I’m glad you’re happy. Really. I’ll get my stuff and we can go.
LINDA: You got it, sweetie. You know Doug is a fabulous guy. We have lots of fun and he’s cute. He’s great in bed. Do you think there’s one perfect love? Like Sleepless In Seattle somewhere under the stars, one perfect person for everybody?
CAROL: I don’t know. Why?
LINDA: Because for Doug it’s you.
PIZZA GUY: Hey, who ordered these pizzas?
LINDA: Pizza’s here!
MARK: Prom night?
DOUG: Something like that.
MARK: Linda picking you up?
DOUG: I’m meeting her there. It’s cocktails at Jack’s place. Then on to Winnetka for 200 of her parents’ close, personal friends.
MARK: Do I detect a lack of enthusiasm?
DOUG: Beats putting in chest tubes.
CAROL: We’ve got a bunch of choir kids in a minor fender bender.
MARK: Anything serious?
CAROL: Only cuts and scrapes. Merry Christmas, guys.
MARK: Merry Christmas.
CAROL: See you.
MARK: You okay?
DOUG: Thought I was. I think about her all the time.
MARK: You ever tell her?
DOUG: No, no.
MARK: Why not?
DOUG: Because l was afraid.
MARK: Afraid she might say no?
DOUG: Afraid she might say yes. It’s too late.
MARK: She’s not married yet.
CAB DRIVER: Hey, buddy, we’re here.
DOUG: What?
CAB DRIVER: We’re here at the café. Changed your mind?
DOUG: No. Take it.
CAROL: Go home, Doug.
DOUG: l love you.
CAROL: You love some old idea of me.
DOUG: And you love me. Yes, you do.
CAROL: No, l don’t. You haven’t changed, and the sad thing is, you don’t even know it.
DOUG: All right then, l will change.
CAROL: l am not asking you to change.
DOUG: Carol, listen to me.
CAROL: I don’t wanna listen to you. l don’t want you, Doug. Leave me alone!
TAG: What the hell is he doing here?
CAROL: Leaving.
DOUG: No, I’m not. You’re coming home with me.
CAROL: You need to get some help.
TAG: Get out of here.
DOUG: Go ahead and tell him that you don’t love me. Tell him you don’t think about me when you’re with him.
CAROL: Stop! Please! Stay out of my life, Doug. Tag, Tag, please.


I'll get my stuff

Összeszedem a cuccomat

You got it

Rendben, oké





prom night

gimnazista bál estéje

to pick up


lack of enthusiasm

lelkesedés hiánya

it beats…

jobb, mint…

chest tube

mellkasi cső



fender bender




to change one's mind

meggondolni magát

Leave me alone!

Hagyj békén!

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés