FILMAJÁNLÓ: The Weekend Away

2022 márciusában a Netflix legnézettebb műsora volt, így kíváncsiak voltunk mi is a filmre … hát, láttunk már jobbat:) Nektek tetszett?

New mother Beth flies to Croatia for a holiday with her best friend Kate. Beth confides that her marriage has hit a dull patch and that she is uncertain what to do. They go clubbing and two men flirt with them. Kate suggests Beth have a one-night stand.

The next morning, Beth wakes up foggy about the night’s events and realizes Kate is missing. Her husband Rob and the police are indifferent, but Zain, the taxi driver who drove them to the club, agrees to help. With his help, Beth recovers Kate’s purse and phone, and learns the men from the club were escorts hired by Kate. However, they’re con men who drug and rob the women they service.

Beth returns to the police, who start an official investigation. Rob arrives and immediately suspects Zain. Shortly after, Kate’s body is found. Beth searches her phone for clues and finds text messages between Rob and Kate revealing an affair.

Beth is called into the police station, as their new primary suspect. It is revealed that both Kate and Beth had drugs in their systems, as Beth suspected due to her memory loss, and she insists she was drugged. The police interview the escorts, who have no criminal history and deny any wrongdoing, and confiscate Beth’s passport. Beth calls Rob and confronts him about the affair.

The police arrest Beth, accusing her of hiring Zain to murder Kate. Beth confronts him, but he maintains his innocence.

Beth discovers her Airbnb host records his renters. Footage shows Beth was put in bed early the night Kate went missing. It also shows Kate being robbed by the escorts, getting in a car to report it, and returning. Beth discovers the car belongs to Pavić, the policeman who doubted her story. Beth and Zain interview the driver who drove Kate that night. He said Kate had him follow the two men, and he dropped her off at the police station.

Beth is named a suspected murderer and she and Zain are arrested. Beth figures out that Pavić was involved in Kate’s disappearance. Zain gives himself up so Beth can escape, but she is caught by Pavić. They struggle and he falls off the building to his death. Beth is declared innocent.

Rob wants to reconcile, but Beth refuses. While looking for her car keys, she finds beads from a necklace she gave Kate in Rob’s coat pocket. She realizes Rob killed Kate and confronts him while on the line with the police. He admits he flew to Croatia to stop Kate from revealing their affair, argued with her, and pushed her into the water before running off. The police arrest him and Beth leaves with her baby.


to confide bizalmába avat valakit, bizalmasan közöl
to hit a dull/rough patch nehéz időszakon megy keresztül
to go clubbing bulizni menni
one-night stand egyéjszakás kaland
to be foggy about ködös emlékei vannak valamiről
to recover itt: visszaszerezni valamit
to suspect gyanakodni, gyanusítani valakit
clue nyom, támpont
affair viszony
primary suspect elsőszámú gyanúsított
to insist kitartani valami mellett
wrongdoing rossz cselekedet, gaztett
to confiscate elkobozni, bevonni valamit
to maintain one’s innocence kitart az ártatlansága mellett
footage filmfelvétel
to doubt kételkedni
to be declared innocent ártatlannak nyilvánítva lenni
to reconcile újra összejönni.
to admit bevallani

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