Flood Safety Guide

Captain Joe Bruni segítségével ebből a videóból megtudhatjuk, hogy hogyan kell homokzsákot építeni árvíz esetén.

“You know, during our rainy and storm season, sometimes it becomes essential to learn how to construct and build sandbags. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni. What I’m going to talk about and discuss is how to build and make our common sandbag. The common sandbag could be made from any type of cloth bag or plastic bag designed for such purposes. Many of these can be found at a hardware store, and even commercially bought bags can also be used. Have one person stand and hold the bag open, as the other fills it with sand to about the halfway point. We would then fold the top of the bag over and secure it, with either some type of drawstring, wire, or just the folded over end of a bag will suffice. We would then take some type of polyethylene plastic, dig a small shallow trench where we’re going to place our sandbags; anywhere where water or flooding may take place, and then begin to lay our sandbags on top of the polyethylene plastic, ensuring that the folded flap or folded side of the bag is laid on the downside, away from where the water will rushing, or against the current. That way, water coming by the bag will not open up the bag, or wash any sand out from under it, as this will ruin the whole system. Start by placing the bags one next to each other, and then the next row; by staggering the bags on top of those, much like bricks or blocks are laid in a wall by a mason. Try not to go any higher than about three stacks, or three courses with your sandbags, as any higher will make that sandbag wall un-sturdy. There’s your basic steps for making sandbags and constructing a wall. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we’ll see ya’ next time.”

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