Friends – Friends Come First


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Friends – Friends Come First

Phoebe: Joseph Francis Tribbiani are you home yet?!!

Rachel: Umm, I think he’s still out. What’s wrong?

Phoebe: Well, I’ll tell you Rachel Karen Green, I had plans with Joey tonight and he left me this note.

Rachel: “Pheebs, can’t make it, got a date. Talk to you later. Big Daddy.” Big Daddy?

Phoebe: Oh that’s a nickname we were trying out.

Ross: Hey, y’know what nickname never caught on? The Ross-A-Tron!

Joey: Hey!

Phoebe: Oh! Here’s Joseph Francis!

Joey: Oh-Wha-Ho! What are you middle naming me for?! I left you a note!

Phoebe: So what?! That doesn’t give you the right to ditch me!

Joey: Hey, you can cancel plans with friends if there is the possibility for sex!

Ross: Phoebe he’s right, that is the rule.

Phoebe: I don’t accept this rule. When we make plans, I expect you to show up. Okay, I can’t just be a way to kill time ‘til you meet someone better! Y’know boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but this is for life!

Joey: Wow! I’m so sorry; I had no idea it would bother you this much.

Phoebe: Well, it does.

Joey: Okay, can I-can I make it up to you? Huh? I’m sorry. How about uh, dinner tomorrow night?! I’ll pay for myself!

Phoebe: Okay, you wore me down.

Ross: Hey Joe, while you’re over there how about another beer for the Ross-A-Tron?

Joey: The Ross—Is that back?!! 






sg catches on

valami terjed, sikere van

to ditch sb

dobni valakit, ejteni valakit

to accept sg

elfogadni valamit

to kill time

elütni az időt

to bother


to make it up to sb

kiengesztelni valakit valamivel

to wear sb down

kifárasztani valakit, addig, hogy már ne tudjon harcolni

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