Friends – Our Kids Are Gonna Call Her Aunt Janice, Aren’t They?

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Friends – Our Kids Are Gonna Call Her Aunt Janice, Aren’t They?

Monica: What are we gonna do?

Chandler: I say we go with Careless Whisper.

Janice: Chandler?

Chandler: Did she see us yet? Did she see us?

Monica: Janice, what umm, what are you doing here?

Janice: Well umm, I thought I was going to go back to my apartment but then I just felt I couldn’t really be alone tonight I was wondering if I could maybe stay here with you, just I really feel that I need to be with family.

Monica: Our kids are gonna call her Aunt Janice aren’t they?

Janice: Please, it’s because otherwise I really don’t know what I might do.

Chandler: Aren’t you just a tinsy bit curious?

Janice: Do you have any tissues?

Monica: Yeah, in-in-in the bathroom.

Janice: Okay!

Monica: We’ll just…we’ll just let her stay.

Chandler: No-no-no-no, if we let her stay, she will stay forever!

Monica: Kinda like your barcalounger.

Chandler: Is that what you’re thinking about right now?

Monica: I never stop thinking about it.

Janice: Hey you guys, umm do either one of you want to get in there before I take my bath.

Chandler: Janice, I’m sorry but umm, you can’t stay here tonight.

Janice: Why not?

Chandler: Honestly? Our apartment is a hotbed for electromagnetic activity. Now Monica and I have been immunized, but sadly you have not.

Janice: Okay, I’m going to need a comforter, but did you have a hypoallergenic one because otherwise I get very nasal. Do you have a cat? ‘Cause it’s already happening. Do you hear that?

Monica: Oh my God! Oh my God! You have to go!

Janice: Why?

Monica: Because Chandler still has feelings for you!

Janice: He does?

Chandler: Say again?

Monica: That’s right. That’s right. And that is why you can’t stay here tonight. And probably why you shouldn’t come to the wedding.

Chandler: Feelings, such strong feelings.

Monica: I mean, I realize that his feelings may never completely go away, but you can.

Janice: Oh…my Gawd, I-I understand. I-I am so sorry, I’ll go. Good-bye Monica I wish you a lifetime of happiness with him. Chandler, you call me when this goes in the pooper.


a tinsy bit

egy icipicit




pihenőszék (nagy bőrből készült, állítható)

hotbed for sg

a melegágya valaminek

to be immunized

védettnek lenni





to have feelings for sy

érzései vannak valaki iránt

to go in the pooper

megy a levesbe (tönkre megy)

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés