Friends – Phoebe’s Hormones


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Friends – Phoebe’s Hormones

Phoebe: That’s like the tenth time I’ve peed since I’ve been here!

Monica: That’s also like the tenth time you told us.

Phoebe: Yeah, oh I’m sorry, it must be really hard to hear! I tell ya, it’s a lot easier having three babies play Bringing in the Noise, Bringing in da Funk on your bladder! I’m so sick of being pregnant! The only happiness I get is from a cup of coffee, which of course is decaf, ‘cause—Oh! I’m pregnant!

Ross: Pheebs, did…you want a cookie?

Phoebe: Thank you so much.

Rachel: So uh, Pheebs, honey, how are those mood swings coming?

Phoebe: I haven’t really had any yet.

Phoebe: I can’t believe I’m gonna have a party! This is so great! A party! Yay!! I don’t know why.

Rachel: Oh, and somebody can get those leather pants she’s always wanted!

Monica: Oh, she’s gonna love that!

Phoebe: What the hell is this?! What, did you actually thought it would make me feel better to give me stuff that I can’t use for another two months?! This sucks! Who gave me these?

Girl: I, I, I …… they told me you like them.

Phoebe: Oooh, all right then. I’m wrong. It’s a great gift. The best present I’ve ever got. All right, what’s my next present?!

All: I don’t have anything. 

Monica: So how-how are things going?

Phoebe: Good. Y’know—no-no, okay, it’s-it feels like everything’s been about me lately, so what’s happening with you?

Rachel: Oh, well, actually we were just talking about me not going to Ross’s wedding.

Phoebe: Oh!

Rachel: It just might be too hard, given the history and all that…

Phoebe: Wow! This reminds me of the time when I was umm, living on the street and this guy offered to buy me food if I slept with him.

Rachel: Well, h-how is this like that?

Phoebe: Well, let’s see, it’s not. Really, like that. Because, you see that was an actual problem, and uh, yours is just like y’know a bunch of y’know high school crap that nobody really gives y’know…

Rachel: I’m-I’m sorry, I just thought that…

Phoebe: Alrighty, here come the water works


to pee




to be sick of sg

elege van valamiből, rosszul lenni már valamitől



mood swing


leather pants


What the hell is this?

Ez meg mi a pokol?

a bunch of

egy csomó

high school crap

gimis hülyeségek

here comes the water works

ezt gúnyosan mondják, amikor valaki sírni kezd

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