Friends – Ross and Janice


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Friends – Ross and Janice

Monica: I’m telling you, something’s wrong! My brother does not stay out all night.

Joey: Maybe we should check the trash chute.

Rachel: Ross couldn’t fit down the trash chute.

Joey: That’s right, he almost could. Which is exactly how I got stuck there.

Phoebe: Hey!

Rachel: There he is!

Monica: Oh my God! Where the hell have you been?!!

Ross: Just, y’know out.

Rachel: Ohh, out, oh God, I don’t know why we didn’t think to check there!

Phoebe: What were you doing?

Ross: I uh, went to a bar. And then I just uh, just walked around for a while.

Rachel: You walked around all night in the city by yourself?

Joey: He hooked up! He hooked up with someone.

Ross: Look, I don’t have to answer your questions! Okay? I’m a big boy, I can do whatever I want!

Joey: He hooked up!! Tell us about her!

Janice: Ross you left you scarf in…Hey you guys.

Janice: Uh-oh-okay. Uh-oh-okay. I know what you all are thinking. But Chandler is in Yemen! I’m a young woman! I have needs! I can’t wait forever!

Rachel: Yeah! No that’s what I was thinking.

Janice: So I’m asking you please, take a moment before you judge me.

Phoebe: Oh, nobody’s judging you.

Janice: Oh! Okay! You, Mister Right Place at the Right Time, call me!

Ross: Okay, look, I-I know what you guys are going to say…

Phoebe: You two will have very hairy children.

Ross: Okay, I didn’t know you would say that.

Rachel: Ross! Janice?!

Joey: All right, hold on! Hold on. Hold on. This is Ross, okay? He’s our friend. He obviously went crazy. He obviously lost his mind.

Ross: Look, I didn’t lose my mind! Okay, Janice and I have a lot in common! We’ve-we’ve both been divorced. We-we both have kids.

Phoebe: So are you actually gonna see her again?

Joey: Phoebe! Don’t put ideas in his head!

Ross: I am gonna see her again.

Joey: Damn it Phoebe!!

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trash chute

szemétledobó cső

to get stuck somewhere

beragadni valahova

to hook up with sb

összejönni valakivel

to have needs

szükségletei vannak

to judge sb

elítélni valakit



to hold on



nyilvánvalóan, egyértelműen

to go crazy


to lose sb’s mind

elment az esze

to have a lot in common with sb

sok mindenben hasonlítani valakivel



to put ideas in sb’s head

ötleteket adni valakinek, telebeszélni a fejét

Damn it!

A francba!

Kapcsolódó anyagok

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