Friends – Monica's funny hair

Vicces jelenet a Jóbarátok (Friends) című sorozatból.

Joey: Oh! Hey! Thank God you guys are here!
Rachel: Hey! Hey what’s going on?
Joey: Everything is upside down here! It rains all day long, nobody watches TV and Ross is famous!

(Rachel turns around and sees Chandler and Monica arriving)

Rachel: Alright, I don’t wanna alarm anybody, but Monica’s hair is twice as big as it was when we landed!

(Monica and Chandler reach the group)

Monica: Ok! When I go places with high humidity, it gets a little extra body, ok?!
Chandler: That’s why our honeymoon photos look like me and Diana Ross!
Joey: Come on, I’ll show you guys where to check in (Joey, Chandler and David leave)
Monica: (to Chandler) Oh, honey, can you make sure we get a King size bed!
Phoebe: (shouts after David) Oh! David, get one for us too! Oh, oh, and see if they have a heart-shaped one! And with mirrors on the ceiling!
Monica: (shouts to Chandler) And make sure our room isn’t next to theirs (points to Phoebe).
Rachel: Ooh! You guys are so lucky you are here with people, you known it’s such a romantic place. That’s all, I just wish I could (looks at Joey who is at the check in desk) share that with a guy.
Phoebe: Not Joey.
Rachel: Not Joey, no, I was just lusting after Chandler.
Monica: Yeah, right!

[Cut to the guys]

David: So, ehm… I’m proposing to Pheobe tonight. (Removes a ring box from his pocket and opens it to show Chandler the ring)
Chandler: Tonight?! (looks at the ring) Isn’t an engagement ring supposed to have a diamond? (squints at the ring to emphasize how tiny the diamond is) Oh, there it is!
David: Yeah, well, being a failed scientist doesn’t pay quite as well as you might think. That’s uhm… one seventieth of a karat. And the clarity is uhm… is quite poor.
Chandler: (slaps him on the shoulder) Nice! (goes to Monica)
Chandler: Monica, can I talk to you for a sec? (Pulls her away from Phoebe and Rachel)
Monica: Ok!
Chandler: David is going to propose to Phoebe tonight!
Monica: See what happens when you give people advice? I hope you told him not to?
Chandler: That would be advice!!
Monica: Ok fine. I’ll handle this. (goes to Phoebe who’s talking to Rachel) Phoebe?
Phoebe: Yeah?
Monica: (looking very serious) I need to talk to you.
Phoebe: Are you leaving “The Supremes”? (Monica and Phoebe go to one side)
Monica: Ok, my husband just gave your boyfriend some very bad advice. Look, David is going to propose to you tonight.
Phoebe: Wow? Really? That’s fantastic!
Monica: What are you serious? You wanna marry him? Wha… What about Mike?
Phoebe: Oh, ok, you want me to marry Mike? Alright, well, let’s just gag him and handcuff him and force him down the aisle. I can just see it: “Mike, do you take Phoebe…” (gestures with her hand as if someone is covering her mouth and tries to shout “No! No!”) You know, it’s every girl’s dream!
Monica: Do you really think marrying someone else is the right answer?
Phoebe: Sure! Look, ok, bottom line: I love Mike… David! David. I love David. Don’t look at me that way, Roseanne Rosannadanna!

aisle – sor székek között (repülőn, templomban)
ceiling – plafon
clarity – tisztaság
engagement ring – eljegyzési gyűrű
Everything in upside down here! – Itt minden a feje tetejére állt!
failed scientist – bukott tudós
heart-shaped – szív alakú
honeymoon – nászút
humidity – páratartalom
king size bed – nagy méretű franciaágy
tiny – pici
to alarm sb – megijeszt, megrémít
to be supposed to be … – … -nek kellene lennie
to emphasize – kihangsúlyoz, kiemel
to gag – elnémít
to handcuff – megbilincselni
to handle a situation – kezelni egy helyzetet
to lust after sb – epekedik vki iránt
to make sure – meggyőződni vmiről, bebiztosítani vmit
to propose to sb – megkérni vki kezét
to share – oszt, megoszt, eloszt

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