Friends: Ross with his new sofa

Nézzük meg ezt a mókás jelenetet Ross új kanapéjáról!

[Scene: The lobby of Ross’s building, he’s sitting on the couch at the bottom of the stairs, and he’s practicing enticing women to join him on the couch.]

Ross: Come here to me. No-no, you come here to me.
Rachel: (entering) Hey Ross! I brought reinforcements.
Ross: Oh great! What, you brought Joey?
Rachel: Well, I brought the next best thing.
Chandler: (entering) Hey!
Ross: Chandler?! You brought Chandler?! The next best thing would be Monica!
Chandler: Y’know, I would be offended, but Monica is freakishly strong, so…
Ross: Look, I-I drew a sketch about how we’re gonna do it. (Showing them) Okay Rach, (points to the sketch) that’s you. That’s the couch. (Points again.)
Rachel: Whoa-oh, what’s-what’s that? (Points.)
Ross: Oh, that’s me.
Rachel: Wow! You certainly think a lot of yourself.
Ross: No! That’s-that’s my arm!
Chandler: (looking at the sketch) Oh, I see. I thought you just really, really liked your new couch.
Ross: Y’know what? Just-just follow my lead.

(Chandler and Ross head for opposite ends of the couch.)

Rachel: Okay!
Chandler: Okay.
Ross: Come on, Chandler.

(They pick up the couch and after throwing off the last pillow; Rachel helps out on Chandler’s end.)

Ross:All right. (They start up the stairs. Ross is first.) Okay, here we go!

(Chandler has moved forward and is now underneath the couch as it heads up the first set of stairs.)

Ross:  All right, ready?
Chandler: Yeah.
Ross: Turn.
Chandler: (straining) Okay.
Ross: Turn! Turn!

(As they turn the couch, Chandler gets sandwiched between the railing and the couch.)

Chandler: Okay, I don’t think we can turn anymore!
Rachel: Ross, I don’t, I just don’t think it’s going to fit.
Ross: Oh yeah it will! Come on, up! Up-up-up! Up! Yes! Here we go! Pivot! (They start up the stairs again. Chandler is between the couch and the wall now.) Pivot! Piv-ot! Piv-et!! Piv-ett!!! Piv-et!
Chandler: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!

(They set the couch down.)

Ross: Okay, I don’t think it’s going to pivot anymore.
Chandler and Rachel: You think?!
Ross: All right, let’s uh, let’s bring it back down and-and try again.

(As they start back down the couch drops a little bit and gets jammed. They try to free it to no avail.)

Chandler: Okay, yeah, I think it’s really stuck now.
Ross: I can’t believe that didn’t work!
Rachel: I know, me neither! I mean, you had a sketch!
Chandler: Oh, y’know, what did you mean when you said pivot?

to entice– csábít, elcsábít
reinforcement – erősítés
freakishly – furcsamódon
to draw a sketch – vázlatot rajzol
pillow – párna
underneath – alatt
pivot – tengely
Shut up! – Pofa be!

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