Gilmore Girls – Friday Night Dinner

Gilmore Girls – Friday Night Dinner

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Jöjjön ismét egy részlet a Gilmore Girls, azaz a Szívek Szállodája sorozatból.

Gilmore Girls – Friday Night Dinner

Decide if the following statements are true or false.
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1. Emily and Richard think that the Richmonds are horrible neighbours.
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Gilmore Girls – Friday Night Dinner

EMILY: It's simply disgraceful.
RICHARD: For years, we've had peace in the neighbourhood.
EMILY: I knew the Richmonds were going to be trouble when they missed the block party last month.
LORELAI: I don't understand. They gave out full-size candy bars for Halloween. So what?
EMILY: Not full-size candy bars, Lorelai - king-size candy bars.
RICHARD: We've been giving out full-size candy bars for years now.
EMILY: And then those people move in and throw the entire balance of the neighbourhood off. They made everybody look ridiculous.
RICHARD: It's very embarrassing.
EMILY: I think we have to do something about this - maybe go to the homeowners association.
LORELAI: Two Halloweens ago, someone painted the Duprees' Chihuahua orange and nobody went to the homeowners association then.
EMILY: Well, everybody hated Taco.
LORELAI: I think you're making a little too much of this.
EMILY: I saw Mae Richmond at Bay Wellington's two weeks before Halloween. She had ample time to bring it up then, and nothing - not a word. I think it might be time to go after their ball machine.
RORY: Their ball machine?
RICHARD: They have a ball machine on their tennis court that is extraordinarily loud and unpredictable.
EMILY: Flying, thumping balls all over the place.
LORELAI: Flying, thumping what all over the place?
EMILY: Balls.
EMILY: You are four.
LORELAI: And balls are funny.
RICHARD: Don't worry, Emily. If the homeowners association doesn't do anything, we'll take this to the neighbours, get a petition going.
LORELAI: Or if that doesn't work, you could throw some hoods on and burn a full-size Mars bar on their front lawn.
EMILY: King-size, Lorelai - king-size.
RORY: So, how's work, Grandpa?
LORELAI: Look how smoothly she changes the subject.
RICHARD: Work is lovely, Rory. How's school?
RORY: Crazy.
LORELAI: She's taking too many courses.
RORY: I am not.
EMILY: How many are you taking?
EMILY: Is five a lot?
RORY: It's not a lot
LORELAI: It is a lot.
RICHARD: I took five courses when I was a freshman. Rory takes after me.
RORY: I like to be busy.
RICHARD: Idle hands are the devil's playthings.
LORELAI: That's actually the title of one of her classes.
RORY: Please don't worry about me.
LORELAI: She says to the mother and the grandmother.
EMILY: Are you done?

RORY: Oh, yes, thank you.
EMILY: Good, because we have mini lemon bundt cakes for dessert.
EMILY: What?
LORELAI: Well, they're serving full-size bundt cakes over at the Richmonds' house.
EMILY: She's done.
LORELAI: Oh, no, I have a carrot.
EMILY: She's done.
LORELAI: Bet the Richmonds would have let me eat my carrot.



szégyenteljes, csúfos




ciki, zavarba ejtő

homeowners association 

lakástulajdonosok egyesülete

to have ample time to do something

rengeteg ideje van arra, hogy tegyen valamit

extraordinarily loud

extrém mód hangos






petíció, kérelem





to change the subject smoothly

észrevétlenül/simán témát váltani


elsős az egyetemen, vagy főiskolán

idle hands

tétlen kezek

bundt cake


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