Gilmore Girls - Saturday Morning

Gilmore Girls - Saturday Morning

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Jöjjön egy jelenet a Szívek Szállodájából (Gilmore Girls), természetesen gyakorlás céljából. 

Gilmore Girls – Saturday Morning

Watch the episode once more and decide if the following statements are true, false or not stated in the scene.

Gilmore Girls – Saturday Morning

LORELAI: What are all these people doing up? It’s Saturday morning.
RORY: Some people like getting up early.
LORELAI: You lie.
RORY: No they do it voluntarily.
LORELAI: Really?
RORY: Everyday.
LORELAI: Ha! Jumpback!
RORY: Excuse me?
LORELAI: Kevin Bacon, Footloose, reaction to the no dancing in town rule is revealed to him by Chris Penn, brother to Sean, sage to all.
RORY: I shoulda known.
LORELAI: Yes you should. I don’t know what they teach you in that damn school. What?
RORY: I can’t go that way.
LORELAI: Why, we’re going to Luke’s.
LORELAI: You pull me out of bed at 6:00 in the morning and then you say ‘no’ to Luke’s? Don’t you know how dangerous that is?
RORY: I can’t go that way.
LORELAI: Reason please?
RORY: Because we’d have to go by Doose’s market.
RORY: So we might run into -
RORY: Yeah.
LORELAI: Right. Um, you don’t know if he’s working?
RORY: I don’t remember. His weekend schedule changes a lot.
LORELAI: Ok, well we’ll just take the long way.
RORY: We’d have to go by the school.
LORELAI: But there’s no school today.
RORY: But on his days off from work he plays football at the school with some of his friends.
LORELAI: Well what time?
RORY: It varies.
LORELAI: Ok, well we’ll just go down Peach street, we’ll circle around, you’re shaking your head why?
RORY: He lives on Peach.
LORELAI: Rory, honey, love of my life, you realize you’ve completely cut us from Luke’s where the happy coffee is.
RORY: I’m sorry.
LORELAI: No, it’s ok, it’s ok. Ok, we’ll just um, well, we’ll figure something out.
RORY: Sorry.
LORELAI: No, this is good. This is like ‘G.I. Jane’ but we get to keep our hair.
RORY: I just couldn’t.
LORELAI: Oh honey, say no more. Think of this as an adventure. Two girls battling the elements, desperate for survival.
RORY: Or coffee.
LORELAI: Same thing.
RORY: You know I bet you can tell a lot about people from their garbage.
RORY: Think about it, trash is discarded aspect of people’s lives.
RORY: It talks about their eating habits, what they read, do they go to concerts, are they responsible, do they pay bills on time?
LORELAI: Yeah, you do know honey, that garbage doesn’t actually talk at all unless it’s on Sesame Street.
RORY: I’m just trying to make a point.
LORELAI: That going through people’s garbage is interesting.
RORY: And educational.
LORELAI: And stinky and a little nuts.
RORY: There’s nothing nuts about wanting to know more about human nature. Curiosity is how we grow.
LORELAI: Bah! We have to get you out of this alley.
LORELAI: Who are all these people?
RORY: It’s the 6:00 am crowd.
LORELAI: I officially recognize nobody in this place.




to reveal





időbeosztás, órarend

to vary


love of my life

életem szerelme

to figure sg out

kitalálni valamit (megoldást)

to circle around


to battle the elements

küzdeni az elemekkel

desperate for survival

elszántnak lenni a túlélés érdekében



discarded aspect

eldobott nézőpont

to pay bills

csekkeket befizetni

to make a point

megmagyarázni valamit, értelmezni valamit


nevelői, nevelő hatású






őrültség, őrült

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