Gilmore Girls – Some Motherly Advice


Jöjjön ismét egy jelenet a Gilmore Girls, azaz a Szívek Szállodája című sorozatból. 

Gilmore Girls – Some Motherly Advice

LORELAI: No, no, it’s impossible.
RORY: What?
LORELAI: I just counted the money in the cash box and I’m eighteen dollars short.
RORY: Weren’t you supposed to deposit all that at the bank?
LORELAI: Uh, be judgmental later. Help me in my fiscal crisis here.
RORY: Did you count the money when they gave it to you?
LORELAI: Ah, I glanced at it.
RORY: Boy, you are a sucky treasurer.
LORELAI: The job was forced on me.
RORY: Well, the cash box must’ve been short when you got it.
LORELAI: Or maybe a burglar broke in here. That could’ve happened.
RORY: A burglar who bypassed our TV, our stereo, and our jewellery and went straight for the Booster Club cash box and took eighteen dollars and left the rest?
LORELAI: Some burglars are less greedy than others.
RORY: Well, I’m out of answers.
LORELAI: Great. I’m gonna have to put eighteen of my own dollars in to ward off suspicion. You’re off to the party this early?
RORY: Jess and I are helping the band set up. I do the cymbals.
LORELAI: You’re not taking your purse.
RORY: I’m not?
LORELAI: You don’t need money, you don’t need ID.
RORY: Well, where will I keep my house key?
LORELAI: You’ll put your house key through the metal thingy on your belt. You’ll only lose it if you take off your belt, and if you’re taking off your belt for any reason at the party, I’m not sure I want you coming home.
RORY: Brilliant.
LORELAI: Uh, your shoes okay? You got good traction?
RORY: Traction?
LORELAI: Well, there’ll be liquids of various textures and disgustingness. You eating there?
RORY: Oh, if they have stuff.
LORELAI: Do not eat chips out of a communal bowl. You might as well stick your hand in a toilet.
RORY: Nice.
LORELAI: If you’re desperate, offer to be the person who replenishes them with new bags and grab a handful out of the new bag and dump the rest in the communal bowl.
RORY: Got it.
LORELAI: And keep in mind that getting up on a table and performing a song of any kind will haunt you for the rest of your life. Trust me. Been there, done that.
RORY: I wasn’t planning on doing that.
LORELAI: Hm, those things are never planned. You going now?
RORY: Yup.
LORELAI: I’m going, too. I’ll lock it up.
RORY: Otherwise I’d have to undo my belt. Enjoy your Booster Club meeting.
LORELAI: I will. Hey, hon?
RORY: Yeah?
LORELAI: I promised myself I wasn’t gonna ask you about Max anymore considering the history and that he’s back teaching you and all. . .and I’m gonna keep my promise. Good, huh?
RORY: Very good.
LORELAI: Okay, well, that’s all I wanted to say.
RORY: Okay


cash box

pénzszekrény, vagy doboz

to deposit

letétbe helyez



fiscal crisis

kincstári vészhelyzet

to glance at sg

rápillantani valamire


gáz, sz*r



it was forced on me

rám erőltették

to bypass

kikerül, figyelmen kívül hagy


mohó, kapzsi

I’m out of answers

nincs több válaszom, ötletem

to ward off suspicion

elhárítani a gyanút



metal thingy

fém bigyó


összehúzódás, tapadási súrlódás



communal bowl

közös tál

to replenish

újra megtölt, teletölt

to haunt


for the rest of your life

életed hátralevő részében

Been there. Done that.

Már volt benne részem.

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