Grey’s Anatomy – Cristina’s Cookies


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Grey’s Anatomy – Cristina’s Cookies

Cristina: I heard your girlfriend did a little panty dance in the kitchen this morning.
Alex: She’s not my girlfriend. Look, I know it’s weird. She’s hot and she’s always around, but I don’t even think of her like that. It’d be like you and I sleeping together.
Cristina: Ew. I’m trying to eat my breakfast.
Alex: Did you hear your husband accidentally copped a feel?

Cristina: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Oh, and he’s not my husband. That’s why he’s sneaking in at the crack of crack.
Alex: You are a messed up broad.
Jackson: Dr. Webber rejected my mother’s cookies.

Alex: That sounds dirty.
Jackson: She’s worried about him. She wants me to assess his mood. She thinks he’s depressed.
Cristina: Well, his wife died a month ago. Isn’t he supposed to be depressed?

Jackson: Of course, but, like, normal depressed or too depressed?

Cristina: I mean, he’s fine. He’s back at work.
Jackson: Nah, but he’s not operating.
Alex: Maybe you should hold him.
Jackson: And I’m done. Enjoy the cookies.
Cristina: Thanks. Mm.


Meredith: Where’d you get the cookies?

Cristina: Webber didn’t want the pity cookies from his girlfriend about his dead wife. He’s not operating, so Jackson’s “Mommy” was worried. Whatever. These cookies are awesome.
April: What about Jackson?

Cristina:  Are you still pining over Jackson?

April: No. God. No. Why? Is he seeing someone?

Cristina: April, April Jackson is like a cookie. People want to lose weight, they don’t eat the cookie. But then they get so hung up on not having the cookie that their whole life is about the cookie.
April: My whole life is not about the cookie.
Cristina: Mm-hmm.
Meredith: Is your whole life about the cookie?

Cristina: What do you mean?

Meredith: You and Owen, are you guys a thing again or

Cristina: I don’t know. All I know is, having sex with a man who used to be your husband is way more fun than when he is your husband.
Meredith: That’s all you know?

Cristina: That is all I know. Unless there’s something else you want to tell me?

Meredith: No. Nothing I can think of.
Cristina: Okay, then.
Meredith: Okay.

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furcsa, ciki

to cop a feel

szexuálisasan közeledni valakihez engedély nélkül

to sneak in

besurranni, belopakodni

messed up

furcsa, beteg


to reject


to assess

értékel, felmér, megállapít






szuper, király

to pine over sb

sóvárogni valaki után

to get hung up on sg

rápörögni, rákattanni valamire,

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés