Grumpier Old Men - Max and Maria

Grumpier Old Men - Max and Maria

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Nézzünk meg egy rövid jelenetet a "Még zöldebb a szomszéd nője" című filmből egy kis kvízzel és szószedettel. 

Maria: Ciao
Max: Holy moly. Good evening, Maria.
Maria: Good evening.
Max: You look nice.
Maria: Thank you.
Max: I just want to say.... What I'm trying to say is.... There are many women floating in the river... but you're the only one I want to stuff ... and stick over ... on my wall ... over the fireplace.
Maria: Thank you so much. Would you like to come in? Please.
Max: I didn't say it right.
Maria: I've never seen wine that comes from a box before.
Max: It's pretty fancy, huh? Look, it's even got its own tap. Look at this. Here. You got it?
Maria: Madonna!
Max: It's real wine.
Maria: That's great. So, how do you like the old place?
Max: It's changed.
Maria: Is that good or bad?
Max: It's the worst. I hate change.
Maria: Why?
Max: Things never change for the better.
Maria: Change brought me here to Wabasha. Are you saying you wish I hadn't come?
Max: Is that a trick question? You see? Now the weather has changed.
Maria: So much for dining alfresco.
Max: Holy moly.
Maria: I'm all wet.
Max: It's really coming down. You know, the night crawlers will be out soon.
Maria: What's a night crawler?
Max: What are you, a communist?
Maria: No...
Max: Night crawler's the king of all worms. They come out at night, after the rain, to lay out across the grass. Breathe the night air. This restaurant is sitting on top of one of the biggest and best worm beds ... in all of
Wabasha County.

Maria: You can imagine my excitement.



Holy moly!

Ó, te jó ég!

to float

lebegni, úszni víz felszínén

to stuff

megtölteni, kitömni

to stick on the wall

kitenni a falra, kiragasztani a falra







to change for the better

jobbra fordulni

trick question

trükkös kérdés, beugratós kérdés

to dine alfresco

szabad ég alatt vacsorázni

night crawler

éjszakai csúszómászó


giliszta, féreg



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