How big is Matt Damon?


A videóból minden kiderül, sőt még a középfokú összehasonlítást is tudjuk gyakorolni!  

0:00 Hey Guys, Matt Damon here and I want you to join me on the red carpet for the premiere of my new movie Downsizing.

0:05 It’s going to be great, we’re going to get to know each other, we’re going to grab a drink, we’re going to watch the movie, and yes, you’ll find out once and for all, whether or not you’re taller than me.

0:13 That’s cool, I know you’re thinking it, I mean you’re not saying it, but probably thinking it, I get it, okay, I stand next to Ben Affleck too much. The guy’s a fucking giant.

0:21 I learned a lot about size working on Downsizing, I’m pretty much an expert now, and if that was something that you for some reason thought I needed to prove in a game where I tried to figure out if something was bigger than me or not…

0:33: I guess, I could do that.

0:39: All right, what do we got?

0:40: George Washington’s nose on Mount Rushmore. I’ve never been to Mount Rushmore, I’ve seen pictures, I mean I will have to believe the nose of our first president is bigger than me.

0:53 All right, let’s see. Oh yeah. It’s 21 feet tall or 3.6 Matt Damons. Okay.

1:03: Ben Affleck. Now, sadly Ben is taller than me, but although we could ask what year are you asking. If you’re asking in 2017, he’s about 6.4. In like 1986 I towered over the kid.

1:15: Yeah, he is… Ben is 1.09 Matt Damons.

1:21: All right. The world’s smallest elephant. Does that include a baby elephant? I’ve never heard of miniature elephants, so I would have to believe the even the smallest adult elephant is bigger than me.

1:33 Wait a minute. A Borneo Pygmy can be as small as 5.6. That’s a 4- 4,5 inches short of a Matt Damon.

1:41 Bruce Springsteen. Oh, the boss, man. I think the boss is the biggest thing in the world. I’m going to say he is taller than me and I’m not even going to listen to it, I don’t care. I’m not even going to look at how tall he is.

1:51: He’s the best.

1:54: This guy, Jimmy Kimmel. Sadly, Jimmy Kimmel is taller than me.

1:59: Yeah, he wears lifts.

2:00: Fifteen versions of me in Downsizing. Well, in Downsizing I’m 5 inches, so that would be 75 inches, which would be 6 foot 3, taller than me.

2:12: Yeah, there we go. 6.3 or 1.077 Matt Damons. Or still not as tall as Ben Affleck.

2:19: Thank you for playing. If you want to find out how many Matt Damons tall you are, just join me at the premiere of my new movie Downsizing.

2:26: All you’ve got to do is head to and remember every entry supports, an organization I co-founded, which provides access to safe water and sanitation solutions, that give women hope, children health, and communities future. Enter now and I will see you on the red carpet.


to join


to grab

megragadni (to grab a drink – inni valamit)

to find out

kitalálni, megtudni







to prove


to figure out

rájönni, megtudni, kitalálni



to tower over

fölé tornyosulni

to include

belefoglalni, magába foglalni, beleérteni



to head to

valahová elindulni

to support


to co-found

közösen alapítani

to provide

biztosítani, lehetővé tenni

access to

hozzáférés valamihez


egészségügy, közegészségügy

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés