How To Make Cheap Flowers Look Expensive

Íme néhány tipp, hogyan lehet egy egyszerű, olcsó ajándékot feldobni. Tanulság: egy csokor virág lehet olcsó, de tűnhet drágának. Szószedettel, videóval!

A few tips on how to make cheap flowers look expensive, demonstrated by florist Kelly Smith. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or anniversary; ensure that you buy the right flowers if you are on a budget.

Step 1: You will need
* An appreciation of penny pinching and money saving
* An imagination

Step 2: Invest Your Time
Okay, so you want to get a bunch of flowers for that special someone. You could go down the local petrol station and pick up some sad, exhaust-scented carnations…OR, you could invest your time better and talk to an expert. You’ll get a lot more for your buck, and you might even make a new friend.

Tell your florist how much you would like to spend- they will be happy to work around your budget.

Step 3: Think colours
If you can’t afford someone’s favourite flowers, then you can go for their favourite colours instead. Your florist will be able to suggest a range of varieties to make up your bouquet.

Step 4: What is in stock?

Ask what flowers are in season- in high spring daffodils are a fraction of their usual price, as are zinnias in summer.

Be warned: Around Valentine’s Day some florists double the price of red roses- seek out alternatives such as baby roses in an elegant planter

Step 5: Understand less is more.
Understand less is more. One such approach is to employ blooms with big-heads such as hydrangea, sunflowers and dahlias- this means fewer stems and consequently a smaller price.

Know that you can have expensive flowers- just a very small number of them. The rest of your bouquet will be bulked up with much less costly foliage and accessories such as tissue paper, ribbons, raffia, feathers, butterflies and diamante.

This bouquet is made up of a couple of Gran Prix roses, bouvardia, oriental lilies and levcadendron. With a little knowledge, and imagination, you can have a bouquet presented with panache on a shoestring.

Step 6: Enjoy your success
Knowing how much money is still safely stashed in your wallet, you can bathe in the warm glow of the recipient’s delight.


exhaust-scented – fáradt-illatú (már nem annyira illatos)
carnation – szegfű
daffodil – (sárga) nárcisz
zinnia – vasvirág, rézvirág
planter – díszcserép
hydrangea – hortenzia
sunflower – napraforgó
dahlia – dália
to be bulked up – felhalmozódott, felgyülemlett
ribbon – szalag
raffia – raffiapálma, pálmaháncs
feather – toll(dísz)
panache – magabiztosság, határozott fellépés

with the permission of Videojug

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