How to start a fire with a soda can

How to start a fire with a soda can

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Step 1: Importance Of A Controlled Fire
Knowing how to create a fire is probably the most important survival technique you can know, whether it's to cook food, boil water or signal for help.

Step 2: Implementation
Here's a way to do it with just a pop can. The bottom of the can is concave and will work just like a lens to focus the sun's rays. Use a bit of soft earth and then a cloth to polish the bottom of the can as brightly as possible.

Step 3: Soft Dry Wood
Take your time and focus the light upon a piece of soft dry wood to create a bright glowing red ember on the end of the stick.

Step 4: Add Soft Cloth

Use the lining from your coat or a piece of soft cloth to catch the ember. As the ember spreads onto the cloth you'll want to add more material and continue blowing. Add some dry leaves. And that's how you start a fire with just a pop can and the sun.

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