How To Stop Biting Your Nails

Rossz szokás a körömrágás. Le lehet szokni róla? Persze, csak nézd meg ezt a videót és kövesd az utasításokat. Szószedettel!

Ever wanted to quit biting your nails? VideoJug gives you the advice you need to give up this unattractive habit once and for all.

Step 1: You will need

* foul-tasting bite deterrent
* nail strengthener
* and various other nail products

Step 2: Treat the cause
Try to find out why you are biting your nails, and then address that issue. Many people bite their nails when they are nervous, or as an outlet for stress and anxiety. Consider taking up activities that help you unwind and relax. Many people also swear by hypnosis as a way of giving up nail-biting. No longer considered a ‘dark art’, modern hypnotherapy can be a powerful method of training the mind to quit bad habits.

Step 3: Distractions
If you are biting your nails because of boredom, you may need to start a new habit to distract yourself. Try to learn some tricks and activities that will keep your hands busy. Also try keeping your mouth occupied by chewing gum. But make sure you don’t take up an even worse habit than nail-biting!

Step 4: Reminders
If your nail-biting is a subconscious urge, and you’re doing it without even being aware of it, you may need some kind of reminder every time you start to nibble. Foul-tasting, but harmless, biting deterrents can be bought for this exact purpose. These ‘nibble inhibitors’ are applied by either submerging the fingertip in liquid or painting it on with a brush. Their disgusting taste is likely to put off even the most avid nail-biter, but remember to reapply regularly, especially after washing your hands.

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Step 5: Maintenance
There are various nail-strengthening products available, which can be painted onto nails, and will prevent them from becoming brittle. A diet rich in calcium, which is found in dairy products, and magnesium, found in nuts and beans, will also help keep your nails strong and healthy. As your nails grow back, keep them clean and well-presented. Treat yourself to a manicure. Remember that if your nails are things of beauty, you’ll be less likely to bite them.

Good luck giving up the nail-biting habit, and enjoy your healthy new nails!


foul-tasting – rossz ízű
deterrent – megelőző, elhárító
outlet – levezetés
to unwind – (feszültséget) felold
boredom – unalom
urge – ösztönzés
to nibble – rágcsál, harapdál
to reapply – újra alkalmaz
brittle – törékeny
dairy – tejtermék

with the permission of Videojug

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