How to survive boring lessons

Jártál már úgy, hogy az óra túl unalmas volt és alig tudtad nyitva tartani a szemed? Íme néhány recept a "túlélésre".

If you’re struggling to concentrate in lessons, you need David Littlemore’s advice on how to survive boring lessons.

Step 1: Check your lifestyle
It’s important to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water – your teacher may let you take a bottle of water into class. Make sure you eat healthily, and get some exercise. This will help keep your brain and body functioning well, and help you to concentrate in lessons.

Step 2: Why aren’t you interested?

Try to figure out why you are not engaged in the lesson. Are you genuinely not interested in the work, or is there another reason. It may be that the work isn’t challenging enough. Approach the teacher and have a mature discussion about the work. Tell them you’re having trouble engaging with the work, and get them to help you.

Step 3: Take a new approach
Try looking at the task in a new way – your teacher may be able to help you with this. You might be able to brainstorm ideas rather than write a list, or do some research on the computer rather than writing in a textbook.

Step 4: Get moved
If you want to work but are being distracted by your friends around you, you might need to move in order to be able to concentrate. If you’re not comfortable getting up and moving yourself, you could have a quiet word with the teacher and ask them to move you. They might even be willing to pretend to tell you off so that you don’t lose face with your friends.

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genuinely – hitelesen
brainstorm – ötletelés, nagyszerű gondolat
to tell sb off – letol vkit, kijelöl

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