Hugh Laurie on Ellen – the British accent vs the American

Vicces rész Ellen Hugh Laurie interjújából (dr House) a brit és amerikai akcentusról.

Ellen: I’m going to give you some slang, my American slang. We’re gonna take turns to see how much you know and how much I know. OK?
Laurie: OK.
Ellen: The first one I wanna give you is FLOSSING. You know, what flossing means.
Laurie: Actually flossing?
Ellen: No, it’s slang.
Laurie: It’s slang.
Ellen: I mean, you know what actually flossing means?
Laurie: I know the Americans’ opinion of British dental practice. That would be something close fitting? No. I don’t know.
Ellen: That was to show you how really wrong you were.
Laurie: That’s kind of rather agressive.
Ellen: Yes, that was agressive. I’m sorry. Because I could habe just said no. In America we really like to rub it in. It’s showing off. Flossing-
Laurie: Really?
Ellen: showing off is flossing.
Laurie: OK.
Ellen: Yes.
Laurie: What sound do you make when you are right?
Ellen: Ting. That’s probably a different sound in England.
Laurie: CHIN WAG. Chin wag.
Ellen: Chin wag? That would be a blundering idiot. A chin wag. You chin wag. No?
Laurie: No. It’s actually a verb. It means a chat. It literally means to wag a chin.
Ellen: Chin wag?
Laurie: Chin. Did I mispronounce it?
Ellen: I never would have got any wrong. I couldn’t understand the thick British accent.
Laurie: Could we look at that in slow motion?
Ellen: Chin wag. Of course. All right.
Laurie: So we are tied?
Ellen: Yes, tied at nothing. BA-DONKA-DONK.
Laurie: It means to pass someone on a motorcycle then see a police car and break suddenly.
Ellen: No. It’s an extremely curvaceous female behind.
Laurie: Right.
Ellen: Badonkadonk.
Laurie: We definitely don’t have those in England. Bandonkadonk.
Ellen: Badonkadonk. I enjoy your badonkadonk honey.
Laurie: That’s fantastic. CHUFFED TO BITS.
Ellen: Chuffed to bits.
Laurie: Chuffed to bits.
Ellen: Like change? Just exhausted.
Laurie: No. It’s to be really pleased. To be thrilled by something. I’m chuffed to bits. I’m delighted. I’m chuffed to bits by your badonkadonk for example.
Ellen: We’re going to end with this one, because everyone has learnt this watching the show. I’ve helped them. SHAWTY.
Laure: Shawty?
Ellen: Shawty.
Laurie: It’s all one word?
Ellen: Shawty is a young kid or a woman.
Laurie: Really?
Ellen: Yes.

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