Jóbarátok/Friends – Vicces jelenet felirattal 1.

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(Season 9, Episode 9)

PLOT: Joey tries to tell Rachel that he didn’t really propose, but can’t get a moment alone with her. Phoebe gets involved but that just confuses things. Joey tries to keep Ross away from Rachel until he can straighten it out. Monica and Chandler continue trying to get pregnant; Mr. Geller discovers them having sex in the janitor’s closet and is mortified, until he learns that they’re trying to conceive; then he’s so enthusiastic he starts giving them advice, and Monica is mortified. Joey, Ross, and Rachel finally straighten out that no one was going to propose; Ross was just planning to ask Rachel if they could start up their relationship again. Everything is just about smoothed out when Ross realizes that Rachel is wearing the ring, and therefore must have said yes to Joey.

Rachel: Surprised?
Ross: And confused. Rach, sweetie, I … um…I didn’t propose to you.
Rachel: I know.
Ross: I don’t think you do.
Rachel: You didn’t propose to me. Joey did.
Ross: Poor baby, you’re so tired. Rach, I didn’t propose to you, Joey didn’t propose to you, and Chandler didn’t propose to you.
Rachel: Uh… You didn’t propose to me, Chandler didn’t propose to me, but Joey did.
(Joey enters.)
Ross: Joey proposed to you?
Joey: I can come back.
Ross: Hey, wait! Wait-wait-wait! Joey, did you propose to her?
Joey: No.
Rachel: Yes you did!
Joey: Actually, technically, I didn’t.
Rachel: Well then why did you give me a ring?
Ross: Wait! Whoa-whoa, you…you gave her the ring?
Joey: No! No, and I did not ask her to marry me!
Rachel: Yes, you did!
Joey: No, I didn’t!
Rachel: Yes, you did!
Joey: No, I didn’t!
Rachel: Yes, you did! And don’t you say, “No, I didn’t!”
Joey: Ahhh!
Rachel: He was right there. He got down on one knee and proposed.
Ross: Whoa! You were down on one knee?
Joey: Yeah. Yeah, that looks bad. But I didn’t…I didn’t propose!
Ross: Then what did happen?
Rachel: Yeah, what did happen?
Joey: Okay, the ring fell on the floor and I went down to pick it up and you thought I was proposing.
Rachel: Yeah, but you said, “Will you marry me?”
Joey: No, I didn’t!
Rachel: Yes, you did!
Joey: No, I didn’t!
Rachel: Yes, you did—Oh my God you didn’t! (Screams) Well then why didn’t you tell me that before?!
Joey: Well I tried, but people kept coming in and then you took your breast out!
Ross: Whoa! Hey! Whoa-whoa-whoa, you saw her breast?!
Joey: (to Ross) I’ll tell you about it later. Be cool.

to propose to sb – megkérni vki kezét
to confuse – összekever, összezavar
to keep sb away from sb – távol tart vkit vkitől
to straighten out sth – tisztáz valamit (félreértést pl.)
janitor – gondnok
to be mortified – halálra rémült
to conceive – megtermékenyül
to be smoothed out – lerendeződik, elsimul (dolog, félreértés, stb.)
surprised – meglepett
confused – összezavarodott
sweetie – kedvesem, édesem
technically – gyakorlatilag
to give sb a ring – egy gyűrűt adni vkinek (átvitt értelemben azt is jelenti, hogy felhívni vkit telefonon)
to get down on one knee – egy fél térdre ereszkedni
to fall on the floor – leesik a földre
to pick sth up – felvenni vmit
‘Will you marry me?’ – Hozzám jössz feleségül?
to scream – kiabálni, sikítani
to keep coming in – egyfolytában bejönnek
to take one’s breast out – előveszi a mellét

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