Little Britain – Carol Beer sketch where a family wants to go to Disney World

Gergő | 2016. 06. 04.

Ismét itt van Carol Beer, a segítőkész alkalmazott a Sunsearchers utazási irodában:-) Ebben a jelenetben egy Disney World-be készülő család igényeit igyekszik kiszolgálni.

Carol Beer has left her job at the bank and is now delighting customers in this travel agency in a new town, Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Father: We’ll see Sleeping Beauty’s (Csipkerózsika) car!… It will be great, yeah. …. Hello!
Carol: Welcome to Sunsearchers, my name is Carol… Would you like a Sunsearchers’ lolly?
Girl: Yes, please.
Carol: I haven’t got any. I ate them all.
Mother: Now. We had a look at your brochures and we want to book a trip to Disney World for Christmas. Carol: Right.
Girl: I wanna meet Mickey Mouse!
Carol: It’ll be just a man in a suit… but if you want. You need a flight to Florida…..Computer says no.
Mother: All flights are booked?
Carol: I got some seats on a Zimbabwe…
Mother: That will be OK.
Carol:… to Zimbabwe. That means you have to make your way to Disney World on foot .
Mother: Maybe not.
Carol: No. I got flights to Cuba.
Father: I don’t think that’s gonna work.
Carol: That will be fine. When you get over Florida you can parachute out!
Father: No.
Carol: No…. I got a flight to Guilford.
Father: No.
Carol: No.
Father: Is there any place we can go? You know, that could be fun! ….Nowhere else?
Carol: …something here on the screen… that could be ideal with wonderful weather in this time of the year…very reasonable… excellent for families…really great… that is perfect! Computer says no.


brochure prospektus
customer ügyfél
flight repülőjárat
I don’t think that’s gonna work! Nem hiszem, hogy ez működni fog.
lolly nyalóka
on foot gyalog
seat ülés
suit öltöny, jelmez, öltözet
screen (on the screen) képernyő, monitor (képernyőn, monitoron)
to book a trip lefoglalni egy utazást
to have a look at sth megnézni valamit
to make one’s way to … eljutni valahova
to parachute ejtőernyőzni
travel agency utazási iroda
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