Magic trick! How To Make A Cigarette Disappear

A videó és a szöveg segítségével gyorsan elsajátíthatsz egy látványos bűvésztrükköt.

Make a Cigarette Disappear. David Zanthor once again astounds a random member of the public with this perplexing trick, and of course, shows us how it’s done.

Step 1: You will need

* A willing pedestrian
* A cigarette
* And the power of illusion

Step 2: The Trick

Stop a pedestrian in the street and ask them if they have a cigarette. If they don’t have one, congratulate them on their sound lifestyle choice and use one of your own.
Tell them to keep their eyes on the cigarette. Their gaze will probably wander to your handsome face. If this happens, re-direct them to the cigarette. Tell them if they blink, they will miss it.
Count to three. Once, two, and it’s gone! Four! It’s back!

Step 3: How it’s done

This trick is what magicians call ‘an illusion’ – from the Latin ‘illusio’ meaning ‘that which is likely to be wrongly interpreted by the senses’. Although it appears as though this cigarette has vanished, it hasn’t at all.
Once you get your head around this advanced concept, everything else is pretty simple. When Zanthor asks them for a cigarette they are distracted for a crucial moment. David uses this moment to wet his thumb with spittle.
Quickly press the cigarette onto your wet thumb with your two forefingers. This will stick the cigarette to your thumb. This is the lynchpin of the trick. Don’t stick it to your thumb at the filter, or it will not stick.
Now show her the cigarette and count to three. On the count of three, simply open your hand. The cigarette will be concealed by your thumb. Angle yourself so that you are front-on so there’s no way she can see behind your thumb. This way it will appear as though it has vanished.

with the permission of Videojug

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