Married ... With Children: Bundy Family Burger

Married ... With Children: Bundy Family Burger

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Most pedig jöjjön egy hamburgeres jelenet a 'Rém Rendes Család"-ból, természetesen szöveggel és szószedettel! 

AL [to Steve]: Steve. How's your burger?
STEVE: You know, I hate to admit it, but this is the best burger I ever had. What's your secret?
AL: Well, I sneak over to the nudie place a couple of times a month in order to make it through life

Steve has difficulty comprehending Al's answer.

STEVE: No. I meant about your burgers.
AL: Oh, oh. Well, the secret's in the ashes, Steve. You see, I never clean my grill. Ashes of the past for the burgers of the future. [Al notices Marcy] Marcy, you're not eating?
MARCY: How can I eat with you talking about ashes? It only makes me think of my poor Aunt Tuney, up on our mantle over our fireplace in her little urn.

When Kelly hears Marcy's reply, she immediately stops eating and a worried look appears on her face.

KELLY: Uh, excuse me but, what did you say was in a little urn above your fireplace?
MARCY: The ashes of my dead aunt.

Kelly drinks water from a large container, then runs over to the fence and spits out the water into the Rhoades' backyard. Kelly rushes over to Bud, who is busy eating.

KELLY: Bud, can I talk to you for a second?

Bud's mouth is full and he grunts at Kelly to leave him alone. Kelly whispers in Bud's ear. Bud coughs and spits out the burger, he wipes his tongue frantically on his shirt. Bud then leans over to Peggy, and whispers in her ear. Peggy has a similar reaction, then she gets up  and starts chasing Kelly around the backyard. Bud taps Steve on his shoulder and whispers in  his ear. Steve stares intensely at his burger, then a huge grin appears on his face. He takes a massive bite from the burger.

AL: Marcy, come on, you're not eating any. Take a bite, you'll like it.
STEVE [concerned]: Uh, Marcy...
MARCY: Shut up, Ghoul.
STEVE [unconcerned]: Alrighty!

Steve gets up and moves away. Peggy is still chasing Kelly around the backyard. Marcy sits next to Al, and starts to eat her burger.


to sneak




to make it through life

az életben maradásért

to comprehend

felfogni, megérteni


hamu, hamvak







to spit out


to grunt



kétségbeesetten, eszeveszetten

to chase

kergetni, üldözni

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