Mike and Molly - Mike's Mom

Mike and Molly - Mike’s Mom

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Jöjjön ismét egy kis filmes feladat - ezúttal a Mike&Molly című sorozatból! 

Decide if the following statements are true, false or not stated.

“For she’s a jolly good fellow that nobody can deny”

This is so much better. More intimate, not so many strangers.
Well, those strangers were my family.
I didn't mean that. I meant strange, as in weird.
This is the knife you got to cut the cake?

You told me to grab the one off the counter.
Never mind. I'm surprised you didn't grab the can opener.
See? This is nice.
I'm sorry. I should have let you enjoy your motherless high for a few more weeks.
I got a taste. I should be good for another 35 years.
I can't believe I actually thought she was gonna apologize to you.
Ah, she did in her own way. Usually, she'd rub something like this in my face. Now she's pretending like it didn't even happen, which is a big step for her.
Now we can cut the cake.
That is the same knife.
It's a different knife.
She's retired. Live the lie.
How about a big corner piece for my boy?

Not too big. All of a sudden I got really bad heartburn.






to grab sg

megragad valamit



can opener



kellemes, emelkedett állapot, amit valami nagy boldogság, vagy drog, vagy alkohol okoz

to apologize

bocsánatot kérni

to rub sg in sb’s face

beledörgölni valamit a másik képébe





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