Pride and Prejudice - Mr Darcy's First Appearance

Pride and Prejudice - Mr Darcy’s First Appearance

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Jöjjön egy rövid jelenet - természetesen lecke formájában - a Büszkeség és balítélet című filmből. 

Decide if the following statements are true, false or not stated.

I wonder at Kitty and Lydia, that they are so fond of dancing. I take little pleasure in a ball.

I would take pleasure in this one, if there were enough partners as agreeable as Jane's.

I believe the rewards of observation and reflection are much greater.

Yes, when there are none others to be had. We shall have to be philosophers, Mary.

Come, Darcy, I must have you dance! I must. I hate to see you standing about in this stupid manner! You had much better dance!

I certainly shall not. At an assembly such as this? It would be insupportable. Your sisters are engaged. You know it would punish me to stand up with any other woman.

Good God, Darcy! I wouldn't be as fastidious as you are for a kingdom! Upon my honour, I never met so many pleasant girls in my life! Several of them uncommonly pretty.

You have been dancing with the only handsome girl in the room.

Darcy, she is the most beautiful creature I ever beheld. Look, look! There's one of her sisters. She's very pretty too. I daresay very agreeable.

She's tolerable, I suppose, but not handsome enough to tempt me. I'm in no humour to consider young ladies who are slighted by other men. Go back to your partner. Enjoy her smiles. You're wasting your time on me.


to wonder at

csodálkozni valamin, csodálni valamit

to be fond of

kedvelni valamit

to take pleasure in

örömét leli valamiben






összejövetel, gyülekezet


elviselhetetlen, kibírhatatlan


finnyás, válogatós

uncommonly pretty

rendkívül csinos

to daresay

valószínű, kétségkívül


kellemes, szeretetre méltó


elviselhető, tűrhető

to tempt

csábít, kísért

to be slighted

semmibe vett

to waste time

időt pazarolni

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