Road Safety For Super Families

Vicces ismertető szülőknek, akik gyermeküket kerékpározni tanítják. Szószedettel! A szöveg segít a kiejtés gyakorlásában is.

Real superheroes can fly from A to B faster than a speeding bullet. You’re not a real superhero, so you’re going to have to walk it, on pavements and pedestrian crossings. This is especially important If you’ve got little a boy or girl wonder in tow. You know what they’re like, you think they’re not listening and then they copy everything you do- so make sure the example you’re setting is the best one.

Step 1: The Basics
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s the 3:15 bus to Hackney Marshes. And it’s big and dangerous, so make sure they know the rules of the road before they start trying to cross it.
Teach them that the safest place to get across is a puffin, pelican, zebra or traffic light crossing, footbridge or traffic island, but if they can’t find one of those – they need to recognise a super safe spot. This will be somewhere that lets you see in all directions and lets other cars see you.
Make sure your child always walks on the side of the pavement furthest from the traffic to be safe, and hold their hand wherever you go.

Step 2: Practice Makes Perfect
Keep reminding them of the Green Cross Code, even though the mention of anything green makes them think of Kryptonite. Stop, look, listen needs to become second nature to them, and they need to understand why they’re doing it – not just recite it by rote.

Step 3: Stay Safe
Don’t let them get distracted – stop them from using mobile phones or personal stereos when crossing roads. They need to be able to hear any traffic as well as see it.
Don’t forget how critical it is to set a good example at all times. If you’re sloppy when crossing the road, your kids will be too. And with a super village fete like this one to get to, there’s no way you’d want to get there in anything but one piece.

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With the permission of Videojug

tow – vontatókötél
puffin – lunda
footbridge – gyaloghíd
to recite by rote – gépiesen elmond, ismertet
distracted – zavart, zaklatott
sloppy – felületes, hanyag

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