Seventh Heaven – Salt and Butter Trick

Dezsényi I. - Salánki Á. | 2016. 03. 12.

Jöjjön most egy jelenet a Seventh Heaven (magyarul Hetedik mennyország) című sorozatból egy kis szószedettel. 

In the TV series 7th Heaven the Camden kids go down the line pranking each other by getting them to stick their hand over salted butter thinking it will heat up.

– Hey, you know, if you put salt on butter, it generates heat.

– What? Yeah, yeah, salt and butter make heat.

– I learned that in science.

– You got a “C” in science.

– Maybe so, but I’m telling you it works.

– I’m not stupid.

– No, feel it, I swear.

– It’s hot.

– It is.

– Feel it.

– Fine.

– I don’t feel anything.

– You jerk! Hey, that was great.


– You know, Luce, if you put salt on butter, it heats up.

– No, it doesn’t.

– I don’t know where they learn that stuff.

– I can’t imagine.

– Are you going to let her do that?

–  I have to.

– This isn’t funny.


– Come on, Simon, do it.

– I don’t believe you.

– I swear.

– It’s hot.

– You have to put your hand right over it.

– I don’t want to get burned.

– You won’t get burned.

– Hey! Got ya’.

– Oh, man! Cool.


– Hey, Ruthie, bring us the butter!

– Please!

-Thanks, Matt.

– Sure, Dad. It’s for John.

– All right.

– Did you know if you put salt on butter, it heats up?

– Uh, maybe not now, Ruthie.

– No, no, now is the perfect time.

– Go ahead, Ruthie.

– First you put the salt on. It gets really hot.

– Yeah.

– It’s ready.

– Feel it.

– It’s hot.

– No, closer.

-Thank you, Ruthie.


to go down the line

sorba menni, mindenkin végigmenni

to prank

megtréfálni valakit

to generate

termel, okoz


to swear



idióta, hülye

to get burned

megégetni magát

Go ahead.

Gyerünk! Csináld csak!

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