The Big Bang Theory – Bathroom Rules

The Big Bang Theory – Bathroom Rules

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Jöjjön ismét egy kis mókás-filmes feladat, természetesen szöveggel és szószedettel. 

The Big Bang Theory – Bathroom Rules

Leonard: – Priya, can I come in?

Priya: Sure.

Leonard: Oh, God.

Priya: What?

Leonard: It’s okay. You didn’t know. I’ll take care of it.

Priya: What, what did I do?

Leonard: Sheldon doesn’t allow flossing that close to the mirror.

Priya: You’re kidding.

Leonard: It’s a splatter thing. There’s a little piece of tape on the floor you’re supposed to stand behind.

Priya: That’s madness.

Leonard: I know. Just do it. There’s a big inspection coming up, and I don’t want to lose my TV privileges.

Priya: You really need to let me take a look at that roommate agreement one of these days.

Leonard: Mm, I don’t know. I get a lawyer, he gets a lawyer, it’s just easier to stand behind the tape.

Priya: Oh, by the way, a fellow at work said I could use his Dodger tickets this weekend. Does that sound like fun?

Leonard: Yeah! Dodgers are baseball, right?

Priya: You’ll need to explain the game to me.

Leonard: Mm, it’s complicated, but as I remember it, the essentials are, get chosen last, get hit by the ball, cry, go home.

Priya: Well, regardless, I’ve got four tickets, and I was thinking we can bring Bernadette and Howard. She’s really interesting, and I bet I can get used to him.

Leonard: Well, it might not be a great idea to invite those two.

Priya: Why not?

Leonard: Don’t tell anybody I told you, but I heard she might be breaking up with him.

Priya: Oh, too bad. Although I do know one person for whom that’s good news.

Leonard: Really? Who?

Priya: My brother. He’s got a big crush on Bernadette.

Leonard: What? You’re kidding!

Priya: Mmm. I found poems he wrote about her. Very disturbing. Oh, Bernadette, please play my clarinet.

Leonard: Wow, that’s hard to believe.

Priya: Yes. And for years, everyone in my family was convinced that he was the clarinet enthusiast. Hmm. What’s that piece of tape?

Leonard: Oh, that one doesn’t apply to you. You sit.


to allow sg

megengedni valamit


fogselyem használat










a legszükségesebbek


valamitől eltekintve

have/get a crush on sb

belezúgni valakibe


zavaró, nyugtalanító



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