The Big Bang Theory – Penny’s Job interview

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Recruiter:So why do you think you’d make a good pharmaceutical sales rep? Well, I’m a people person.
Penny: Mm-hmm. People like me. Some of my favorite people are people. I feel like I’m saying people a lot. People, people, people, PE Okay, I’m done.
Recruiter: You sure?
Penny: People. Yes.
Recruiter: Good! So, how do you feel your previous job experience has prepared you for a career like this?
Penny: Uh, well, as a waitress, sales was a big part of my job. I mean, believe me, I convinced a lot of very large customers, who should not be eating cheesecake, to have more cheesecake. I mean, one of those chubsters even had an insulin pump! Uh-huh!
Recruiter: I have an insulin pump.
Penny: People.
Recruiter: All right, let’s say a physician was prescribing one of our competitor’s drugs. How would you convince them to switch to ours?
Penny: Um any chance his car needs to be washed by a girl in a bikini? No. Okay, I’m really sorry for wasting your time.
Recruiter: Don’t worry about it. Thanks for stopping by.
Penny: Okay, thanks. Um, I’m sorry. Listen, could you do me a favor and not tell Bernadette how badly I blew this interview? She’ll get upset. And honestly, I’m a little terrified of her.
Recruiter: Wait, wait. You’re scared of Bernadette?
Penny: Yeah, kind of.
Recruiter: I thought it was just me! E-Everyone thinks she’s so nice with that squeaky little voice.
Penny: I know, but she’s kind of a bully!
Recruiter: She is! I I didn’t even want to meet you, but, uh, I was too scared to say no to her.
Penny: Me, too!
Recruiter: Yeah, yeah! One-one time, I had Oh! I had to tell her we were cutting the-the research funding for one of the drugs she was developing.
Penny: What happened? I couldn’t do it! She’s still working on it! (laughs) (laughing) Oh! We’re not gonna tell her about this, right?
Recruiter: Oh, my God, no! No, no

pharmaceutical – gyógyszerészeti
sales rep – értékesítési elődadó
to convince – meggyőzni
insulin pump – inzulinpumpa
physician – körzeti orvos
competitor – versenytárs
to waste sb’s time – pazarolni valaki idejét
to stop by – beugrani
to do sb a favour – szívességet tenni valakinek
badly – csúnyán
to blow sth – elszúrni valamit
to get upset – dühbe jönni
honestly – őszintén
to be terrified – megrémülve lenni
research – kutatás
funding – pénzügyi forrás, fedezet
to develop – fejleszteni

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