The Big Bang Theory – Raj’s Sister

The Big Bang Theory – Raj’s Sister

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Jöjjön ismét egy jelenet az Agymenők című sorozatból - természetesen leckének "álcázva"! 

Watch the scene once again and decide if the following statements are true, false or not stated in the scene.

The Big Bang Theory – Raj’s Sister

Leonard: As a matter of fact I.. I… I can’t… I can’t… I can’t do it.

Sheldon: Sure you can, you’re doing fine, it’s very believable.

Leonard: Look, I’m sorry Raj, but the truth is I was with Priya last night.

Sheldon: Don’t listen to him, he’s still light headed from all the Irish whiskey and pickled eggs in his system.

Raj: What were you doing with Priya?

Sheldon: I believe they engaged in coitus but, more importantly, if Leonard had not abandoned his story, would you have found it plausible?

Raj: What? You slept with my sister?

Leonard: Yeah.

Howard: How could you? We had a pact!

Raj: Excuse me, I think how could you she’s my sister takes precedence over a five year old pinky swear!

Sheldon: May I point out, in a parallel universe, your friends are saying Maggie McGeary, she sounds lovely.

Leonard: Look, I admit it, I may have crossed a line here, but come on, Raj, your sister is a grown woman. To her, I’m a forbidden piece of white chocolate.

Raj: I… I don’t believe it, this is a terrible betrayal of my trust.

Leonard: No, no, no, would it help if I told you that I offered her my heart and she kind of stomped on it.

Raj: How hard did she stomp?

Leonard: Very hard.

Raj: Okay, I’m good.

Howard: Yeah, well, Raj, I just want to say that I’d never betray your trust. Unlike Leonard, I respect you.

Leonard: Really?

Howard: Mmm.

Leonard: Was it out of respect that you didn’t tell Raj about the time you dropped his iPhone in a urinal?

Raj: Dude! I put that thing on my face!

Sheldon: I think a more amusing violation of Raj’s trust is when Howard convinced him that foreigners give presents to Americans on Thanksgiving.

Howard: Hey, I didn’t see you giving back your Snoopy snowcone maker.

Raj: That was all a lie? This year’s gifts are already wrapped!

Howard: And as long as we’re talking about betraying our friends, how about the month Sheldon spent grinding up insects and mixing them into Leonard’s food.

Sheldon: Well, excuse me. That was not a betrayal that was an experiment to determine at what concentration food starts tasting mothy.

Leonard: You put moths in my food?

Sheldon: For science.

Raj: I can’t believe you kissed my sister with moth mouth.

Leonard: Well, uh, I can’t believe you used Sheldon’s toothbrush.

Sheldon: You used my toothbrush?

Raj: Not the brush part, just the little rubber thing to pick food from my teeth and massage my gums.




light headed




to abandon

elhagy, cserbenhagy


hihető, elfogadható, valószerű

to take precedence over sg

elsőbbsége van valamivel szemben

pinky swear

gyerekek, ha megígérnek valamit, akkor a kisujjaikat összekulcsolják és egy mondókát mondanak közben

to cross a line

átlépni egy vonalat (itt átvitt értelemben)



betrayal of sb’s trust

valaki bizalmának az elárulása

to stomp on sg

rátaposni vmire


piszoár, vizelde


megszegés, áthágás, megsértés


jégkása szerű, csak durvábbak a jégdarabok benne



to grind up








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