At the airport – A reptéren


Olvasd el a szöveget, és nézd meg a leckéhez tartozó videót is!  

At the airport


– Next
– Good afternoon.
May I see your passport please?
Yes, here it is, and here’s my visa.
What’s the purpose of your visit?
– How long are you going to stay?
– For five weeks.
– What’s your occupation?
– I’m an office worker.
– Where are you going to stay?
– At first at the Sunshine Hotel in New York.
– Do you have a return ticket?
– Here you are.
– Thank you. You have a tourist visa for three months.
– Yes, that’s right. I plan to travel some in the USA.
– Where are you going?
– I’m going to spend some time in New York. After that I’m going to Washington, Texas, and Florida.
Anything to declare?
– Excuse me? I don’t understand.
– Do you have any valuables or alcohol to declare?
– No, nothing at all.
– Could you open your suitcase, please?
– Certainly.
– Did you pack your luggage yourself?
– Yes, I did.
– And are you carrying anything for anybody else?
– No, I’m not.
– Can I have your ticket, please?
– Here you are.
– Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
– A window seat, if possible.
– All right, enjoy your stay. You can go ahead.
– Thank you.

May I see your passport please?– Láthatnám az útlevelét?
Yes, here it is, and here’s my visa. – Igen, itt van, és itt van a vízumom is.
What’s the purpose of your visit? – Milyen céllal utazik?
sightseeing – városnézés
occupation – foglalkozás
return ticket – retúr jegy
tourist visa – túrista vízum
Anything to declare? – Van valami elvámolnivalója?
valuable – értéktárgy
to declare – bejelenteni valamit
suitcase – bőrönd
luggage – csomag
aisle seat – sor melletti szék
window seat – ablak melletti szék

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