5 Perc Angol : Hasznos párbeszédek – Where to go on holiday?

A következő angol nyelvű párbeszéd (amelyhez hanganyag is tartozik) jól jöhet, ha egy közelgő nyaralás terveit kell megvitatnod valakivel. Szószedet és hasznos mondatgyűjtemény is tartozik hozzá. 

A következő angol nyelvű párbeszéd (amelyhez hanganyag is tartozik) jól jöhet, ha egy közelgő nyaralás terveit kell megvitatnod valakivel

Wife: It’s really high time we decided on where to go on holiday this year. Last year we were in Croatia on the beach. Where shall we go this summer?
Husband: If I can have my say I’ll choose the mountains now and not the beach. You know that I’m not so keen on sunbathing and just idling away my time on the beach. I’d rather spend two weeks in the fresh mountain air and climb mountains.
Wife: Well, if you ask the children they’ll probably vote on the beach. They love the sea. They would spend the whole summer on the seaside if they had the chance. They like beach sports and they’re in their element when they sail and dive.
Husband: Yes, I know. But I’m just the opposite. I don’t enjoy the sun and I really suffer when there’s a heat wave and even if we’re near the sea it doesn’t help much. The higher mountains I see the better I feel. So be merciful to me this year, please, and let’s travel to Switzerland for a change.
Wife: How much time can you spare for a holiday?
Husband: Two, or maximum three weeks if I’m lucky and my boss can do without me for so long.
Wife: It’s a longer time than I expected. Last year we could only spend a week together. What if we travel to Switzerland and Croatia as well? I would like you to be happy but I don’t want to disappoint the kids, either.
Husband: Great idea. We could spend two weeks in Greece or Italy and then we could nicely cool down in the Swiss mountains. Do you remember? We spent our honeymoon there and we enjoyed it tremendously. The clean, crisp mountain air and the snow-capped peaks in the distance. I’m sure the kids will enjoy it, too.
Wife: Let’s hope for the best. Maybe it would be good to check out what sports are available for them so that they won’t get bored of hiking.
Husband: OK. I’ll do that. But we can always play football if there’s no better option.


It’s high timeIdeje, hogy…
If I can have my sayHa én is beleszólhatok / elmondhatom a véleményemet
to idle away time – napot lopni, nem túl hasznosan tölteni az időt
I’d rather… – Inkább…
If they had the chance –Ha lehetőségük lenne rá.
They’re in their element. – Elemükben vannak, jobban nem is lehetnének
I’m just the opposite. – Én ennek pont az ellenkezője vagyok.
It doesn’t help much. –Nem sokat segít.
The higher, the better. – Minél magasabbak, annál jobb.
for a change – a változatosság kedvéért
How much time can you spare for a holiday? – Mennyi szabadságot tudsz kivenni?
If I’m lucky… – Ha szerencsém van…
Great idea. – Nagyszerű ötlet.
Let’s hope for the best. – Reméljük a legjobbakat.
We can always play football… Focizni akkor is tudunk, ha…
if there’s no better option – ha nincs jobb választásunk


Croatia – Horvátország
to be keen on – kedvelni valamit
to vote on sg – valamire szavazni
to sail – vitorlázni
to dive – búvárkodni
to suffer –szenvedni
heat wave –kánikula
merciful – irgalmas
can do without sy –nélkülözni tud valakit
to disappoint – elkeseríteni, kiábrándítani
to cool down – lehűlni
honeymoon – mézeshetek
tremendously – borzasztóan
crisp – friss, csípős
snow-capped – hófedte
peak – hegycsúcs

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