Hasznos párbeszédek - Hogyan hívjunk valakit randira?

Hasznos párbeszédek - Hogyan hívjunk randira valakit?

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Ez a párbeszéd hasznos lehet, ha valakit angolul szeretnél randira hívni! A szöveget meg is hallgathatod és le is töltheted!  

Asking someone for a date - Valakit randira hívunk

Man: Hi Linda, how are you?
Woman:Hi, I’m fine. How are things?
Man: Not bad. You like comedies, don’t you? Have you seen the new Robin Williams movie?
Woman: Not yet.
Man: Have you got any plans for Saturday afternoon? I thought we could go together.
Woman: I’m not sure. I have to ask the girls what they’re planning. There was some talk of going clubbing.
Man: I see. How about Friday then? After dinner?
Woman:Friday sounds good. But I finish at 8.
Man: No problem. Do you fancy some sushi?
Woman:Not really. The thing is I’m allergic to seafood. Can we have something else?
Man:Of course, sorry, I didn’t realize. Would I seem too boring if I suggested pizza instead?
Woman:I like Italian food.
Man:There’s this tiny restaurant with the best pizza in town. They have a proper pizza oven and an Italian pizza chef. Shall I come and pick you up after work?
Woman:Thanks. I’ll be ready to go by 8.15.
Man:And I’ll get the cinema tickets as well.
Woman:No need for that. I like to pay my way. See you on Friday then!


How are things? Mi újság? Mi a helyzet?
Not bad. Elég jó./Nem rossz.
Have you seen …? Láttad már …?
Have you got any plans for Saturday? Van programod szombatra?
I’m not sure. Nem is tudom.
There was some talk of … Arról volt szó, hogy …/Szóba került, hogy …
I see. Értem.
sounds good jól hangzik
The thing is …  Az a helyzet, hogy …
Sorry, I didn’t realize. Bocsánat, nem tudtam.
No need for that. Nem szükséges.
See you on Friday. Pénteken találkozunk.


comedy vígjáték
to go clubbing szórakozóhelyre menni, bulizni
to fancy something kedve van valamihez
to be allergic to allergiás valamire
seafood tenger gyümölcsei
to seem valamilyennek tűnik
instead helyett
tiny apró, pici
proper rendes, igazi
to pick someone up valakiért elmenni
as well is
to pay one’s way saját maga fizet


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