Hasznos párbeszédek – Lakatos hívása


Hasznos párbeszéd letöthető hanganyaggal arra az esetre, ha külföldön lenne szükségunk lakatosra.

Locksmith: Hello, I am the locksmith, from Yale and Sons.
Woman: Okay, one minute and I will let you in. Come in please.
Locksmith: On the phone you told me you had a problem with your lock.
Woman: Yes, the key is stuck in the bathroom door and we cannot get in and unfortunately there is our only toilet.
Locksmith: I can see that could be a problem. The key is broken in the lock, so I need to fit a new one. I have one in the van which is the same type of lock as this, so I will change it straight away.
Woman: Will it take long? I have to go to work in an hour.
Locksmith: No, about 30 minutes at most.
Woman: Thank you.
Locksmith: Okay, Mrs White the new lock is fixed. There is also a spare key.
Woman: How much do I owe you?
Locksmith: That will be 45.00 pounds, which includes the lock and labour costs. Would you like a receipt with that?
Woman: Yes, please.



One minute and I will let you in.Egy perc és beengedem.
That could be the problem.Ez lehet a probléma.
I need to fit a new one.Be kell szerelnem egy újat.
It is the same type as this.Ugyanaz a típus, mint ez.
I will change it right away.Azonnal kicserélem.
Will it take long? Sokáig fog tartani?
About 30 minutes at most.Maximum 30 perc.
How much do I owe you? Mennyivel tartozom?
Would you like a receipt with that? Szeretne számlát is róla?


to let somebody in  beengedni valakit
to have a problem with  problémája van valamivel 
to be stuck  be van szorulva
to be broken in the lock  bele van törve a zárba
lock zár
van  furgon
straight away  azonnal 
to be fixed  megjavítva lenni
spare key  pótkulcs, tartalék kulcs
to include  beleért, magába foglal
labour cost  munkadíj
receipt  számla, blokk

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